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Sixty Seconds for Social: The Podcast Renaissance

What if I told you that there was an attentive, enthusiastic, and flourishing audience just waiting for you to share content with them, just waiting with open ears? That audience is the ever-expanding community of podcast listeners.

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How to Spring Into Productivity this Season

It’s Spring Break time and everyone’s ready to shake off those winter blues. It’s also the perfect time to clean up -- not just your house, but your personal and professional routines. For instance, when was the last time you re-examined your work habits to remain as productive as possible?

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Documentaries Part II: The Untold Story of Employing Documentaries

We are living in a golden age of storytelling. Everyone has a story, and now, with a little help from technology, everyone has the power to share those stories with an enormous audience, which is awesome. But where there’s huge opportunity, comes a lot of noise. So, how do you get your voice and brand above that deafening din? One such format we’ve been exploring on this blog is the branded (aka corporate) documentary.

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Tips from the Dugout: How to Handle the Curveballs

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hosting our own version of Spring Training – Spring Media Training -- to offer helpful refreshers to keep your media interviewing skills finely honed. Because, let’s face it, perfecting your corporate spokesperson skills takes practice and even the most experienced spokesperson can get a little rusty between interviews.

For our third and final post, we’re taking our training intensity up a notch, and focusing on how to gracefully handle a more challenging interview.

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