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Want Your Brand Fabric to Last? Skip the Spin Cycle

September 04, 2015 by Sue Parente

It’s Labor Day weekend and school’s about to start. Have you finished your summer reading yet? No? Well I can help you with the SparkNotes (do they still have those?) for a current industry read called Spin Sucks: Communications and Reputation Management in the Digital Age by Gini Dietrich.

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Sixty Seconds for Social: What’s New with Messaging Apps

Earlier this year, we took a deep dive into messaging: “Connecting With Consumers Via Messaging Apps.” A lot has happened since then, and the popularity of messaging apps like Snapchat, Line, Kik, WeChat and WhatsApp continues to rise, making brands more aware of the power of messaging. This blog post picks up where we left off and will help you quickly get up to speed on messaging’s new opportunities for marketers.

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Designing an Award-Winning Online Newsroom

It’s no secret that launching a new website is a big undertaking, involving numerous skill sets from smart messaging, positioning and copywriting to intuitive design, user interface and architecture. The process involves a laundry list of action items and deliverables and typically takes weeks if not months to carry the project across the finish line. Perhaps this is why the corporate online newsroom often doesn’t live up to its full potential as a valuable and timely content source.

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Sixty Seconds for Social: Medium and the Borrowed Content Dilemma

Last week, we wrote about the simple, yet useful nature of Medium. While there are valuable thought leadership and brand opportunities on this blogging platform, one still might question: Are there benefits to blogging on what is essentially “borrowed land”?

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Sixty Seconds for Social: Medium Could Be Just the Right Fit

The content gods spoke long ago on the subject of corporate blogs, and the message is clear: Blogging is not just a pastime for avid writers, it’s a critical tool in branding a company, sharing a company’s vision and creating content that will put that brand on the map.

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