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Studying for your Social Summer School exams? This week's lesson has all the answers to picking the perfect platform in our Social Live Video Cheat Sheet. read more >
It's time to break out your calculators! In this week's Social Summer School lesson, we're covering character count. It's not quite calculus, but it's left more than a few social media managers reviewing their arithmetic. read more >
Internet trends come and go, but much like the wind, their power can be a force to be reckoned with. If you've been anywhere near a computer or TV in recent days, you've seen that Pokemon Go has joined the viral ranks, a social seat of power previously held by the likes of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Dress (the black/blue vs white/gold battle that divided friends and family around the world), and Left Shark. And as was the case with these vastly viral moments, brands and publishers alike are again rushing to their computers to create content, any content, to take advantage of this Poke-moment. As much as we understand the temptation to ride the viral wave, it's sometimes easy to get swept away by the tide. Here's our PR Pokedex of tips to master these moments: read more >
When you're managing a company's Twitter account, there's a lot to consider and monitor, and things can become overwhelming faster than you can say "character count." But fear not -- Twitter has created Dashboard, a one-stop shop for all of a small to medium-sized businesses' Twitter management and analytics needs. So fasten your seatbelts, Tweeters; we're taking this shiny new platform for a test drive in this week's 60 for Social (Overtime). read more >
The bell has rung, so class, please return to your seats! Tier One's Social Summer School is back in session, this week visiting an age-old social media concept: The Hashtag. read more >

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When inspiration strikes, Vine it! This Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Convention #Vine by Fusion left us in awe.

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#VineOfTheWeek: When inspiration strikes, @Vine it! This @HillaryClinton/#DNC2016 #Vine by @Fusion left us in awe.

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Live, from #SocialSummerSchool☀️, it’s T1’s #livestreaming 🎥 cheat sheet!

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Live, from Social Summer School, it’s Tier One’s live streaming platform cheat sheet!

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See Snapchat's new 'Suggest' button, simpler Twitter verification, and #WorldEmojiDay winners in our latest #60forSocial newsletter: