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September 9, 2016 by Sue Parente | PR Best Practices | Spokesperson, PR
How you handle the tough questions defines you more clearly in the minds of your customers than most forms of marketing can do. The trick is achieving that level of comfort -- getting comfortable in your brand's skin -- and maintaining it. To do that takes thoughtful preparation. read more >
As the 2016 Summer Olympics have come to an end, so have the many Olympic-themed campaigns that have been permeating traditional and digital media alike. The Olympics are a marketer's dream come true; the nature of the Games lends itself perfectly to timely, engaging and interesting content creation. Even with this year's unprecedented restrictions, brands and businesses were still able to create plenty of podium-worthy content that made us laugh, cry, and Retweet. Here are Tier One's Olympic digital storytelling picks that went beyond simply reporting the facts and landed themselves a spot atop our Olympic podium: read more >
A strategic speaking program can be an effective way to build awareness for a company, its products and services, and the vision of its leadership team. But with an overwhelming number of conferences all vying for the same audiences, cutting through the clutter to pinpoint the events that will have the greatest impact in advancing your company's goals can be a challenge. From evaluating which opportunities to pursue, to preparing your presentation, to measuring the effectiveness of those speeches, there are multiple ways a speaker program can go awry. Here are some tips for formulating a smart strategy to guide your speaker efforts. read more >
We're breaking the classroom "No Phones" policy this week with a Social Summer School lesson in mastering mobile media. read more >
Temporary photos, customizable with doodling features, that vanish after 24 hours. Sound familiar? Instagram is trying to beat Snapchat at its own game with the introduction of Instagram Stories, a feature almost identical to Snapchat Stories. The initial launch was met with vocal disapproval from Snapchat users, calling it out as a copycat move, but the tides are quickly turning as brands are realizing the potential Instagram Stories have that Snapchat stories don't. Here's our rundown of the ins and outs (and ups and downs) of Instagram's newest feature: read more >

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