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What I Learned on My Summer Vacation: How to Present with Power & Presence

September 10, 2014 by Sue Parente

In August, I was invited by the incredibly kind and talented people at the TAI Group in New York to attend their two-day workshop on Presenting with Power & Presence.

Having collaborated with TAI on client engagements, I was familiar with their unique brand of presentation training, largely influenced and informed by the principles of the performing arts. But I hadn’t yet experienced it first-hand as a presenter myself. So, I thought, why not turn the tables on myself and “walk a mile” in my client’s shoes as the one taking the coaching?

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Five Communications Strategies to Turbo Charge Your Fall PR and Social Planning

You may still be brushing beach sand off the seats of your car and searching for your one missing flip flop. But make no mistake: the meteorological summer is drawing to a close. School’s back in session, your co-workers are back from vacation, and it’s time to put some re-energized marketing muscle against your company’s strategic Q4 planning.

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Summer Lovin’: Our Favorite Marketing Campaigns of Summer 2014

As we touched on in our blog post last month on “Marketing Lessons Learned from the Ice Bucket Challenge,” there is a time and place for everything. And summer is an ideal time for brands to embrace the spirit of the season and build relationships with consumers in fresh, fun, and unexpected ways. Before the summer begins to fade too far from our minds, I wanted to recognize and document some of the summer’s brightest campaigns and what we can learn from all of them.

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Learn What Makes a Winner or Loser with "Top Dog" by Bronson & Merryman

What makes up a winning performance; whether it be in sports, academics or business? Does it come down to experience, natural ability or some magical formula a person or team possesses that allows them to achieve above the others?

Even more intriguing; why is it that some competitors can rise to the challenge one day, but then crumble in defeat the next? For example, Argentina’s Lionel Messi, known for his high-scoring record and named one of the best players of the 2014 World Cup Soccer tournament, came up short in the final game against Germany without one goal scored.

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Native Advertising: Valuable Content or "Repurposed Bovine Waste"?

It’s no secret that the print news industry is in a state of flux. As newspapers and magazines grapple with the transformation spurred by digital content, and the mass exodus from paid print to free online content continues, the face of journalism is changing. As we all saw with the leak of The New York Times Innovation Report earlier this year, no one is immune - not even our nation’s paper of record. Everyone is trying to find balance.

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