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Ask the Expert: An Inside Look at Pitching Broadcast Media
Before transitioning to a career in public relations with Tier One, I spent more than a decade on the other end of the line as an assignment editor in broadcast news in Boston, a top 10 DMA. During that time, I was pitched by a countless number of PR pros and over the course of my career I came to recognize some great....and not so great.... methods of breaking through to broadcast media. Here are some tips on what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do, when pitching TV spot news. read more >
Target audiences, platforms, keywords, hashtags, influencers, analytics, engagement, impressions, scheduling, paid, we're already out of breath and we haven't even mentioned the event that brings all of these terms to one main stage: Social Media Week. read more >
17 Words to Leave Behind in 2017
Doesn't it stand to reason that if most of us are sick to death of typing certain words, then the media and customers must be just about out of their minds having to read them over and over again from companies? We are marketers. We are supposed to help people understand what's special and valuable about our clients' businesses, not bore them with overused jargon. read more >
As of Friday, November 4th, the Paris Agreement (from COP21) entered into force with 97 out of 197 nations officially signed on. As you may know, the Paris Agreement is an unprecedented show of global unity in fighting climate change. In essence, the agreement is a collection of self-imposed national commitments to keep global temperature rise this sec century to well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels. The Paris agreement is not a solution, but it is a start. read more >
CEO Editorial Opportunities
As a PR professional, your job is to do everything in your power to get your client top of mind through great media coverage and other smart communications strategies. Let's share some important first steps for getting your CEO the attention and opportunities they deserve. read more >

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RT @grace_rasulo: Hey #PR pros - we want your two cents on which overused terms you want to see tossed out with the New Year. Go vote! http…

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8. Which #PR word should be left behind in 2016? Transparency or Synergy? #WornOutWords

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7. Which #PR word should be left behind in 2016? State of the Art or Pain Point? #WornOutWords

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6. Which #PR word should be left behind in 2016? Unprecedented or Best Practices? #WornOutWords

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5. Which #PR word should be left behind in 2016? #Disruptive or New Paradigm? #WornOutWords