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Internship Guide
August 17, 2017 by Christie Leist | Around the Office
Internships are a stepping stone into the professional world, an opportunity to get your feet wet and see what your dream industry is really all about. Regardless of your ultimate goal, there are a few key lessons we've learned in the process that we hope will make your internship a valuable experience from orientation to full-time and beyond. read more >
A Beginner’s Guide to Online Video Editing
Thanks to the internet, our dependence on "real world" experts is rapidly declining. In a world where there's an app for almost anything, online courses for everything, and an almost endless amount of YouTube tutorials at our fingertips, we have the means to become self-taught experts. Take video editing for example. Many might think there is a need to hire outside help for all of their video needs, but in reality, video editing isn't as complicated as we make it out to be. There are a variety of video editing tools, resources, and tutorials that can get just about anyone up and running with some simple editing skills. And with video content continuing to be a driving force in digital and social media marketing strategies, getting more self sufficient with video editing will only play to your advantage. read more >
 Five Tips for Being Sure-Footed in Today’s New Media Terrain
August 4, 2017 by Colleen Irish | PR Best Practices | news, media
One of my favorite things about the PR profession is the art of media relations. There's nothing more gratifying than landing a great story for a client in a high-profile publication with strong influence and readership in their industry. This is especially rewarding after doing the due diligence to research a reporter's interest and knowledge of a story topic and communicating a client's unique perspective. The recent rise of consolidated news outlets and leaner editorial departments, however, is making securing press coverage more challenging. Not to mention the fact that national and political news stories are dominating news cycles and carrying over into local outlets and industry trades through syndication. Complicating things further is the dynamic of fake news and paid corporate content, which are taking up prime real estate in highly sought-after news outlets. read more >
Mastering 140 Characters
Consolidating an idea into 140 characters is a familiar (and daily) struggle for social media managers and everyday users alike. We feel your pain, so we've created this handy guide to help you master the art of Twitter's character count. read more >
Facebook Live
In 2017, our Facebook feeds are filled with a wide range of content -- memes, articles, photos from your friend's family vacation, an update from your favorite brand and lots, and lots of Facebook Live broadcasts. Watching an interview between your top influencers or catching up on the latest news updates as they break via FB Live is quickly becoming the norm. If you're intrigued with Facebook Live, but not sure how to join in on the fun, you're not alone. By keeping these Facebook Live basics in mind, you'll be "lights, camera, action" ready in no time. read more >

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RT @ChristieLeist: Putting my blog-writing shoes and reflecting on my internship at @TierOnePR :

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Double the trouble! Instagram users can now go live with other users. Learn more about the update here:

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Double the trouble! @Instagram users can now go live with other users. Learn more about the update here:…

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Internships are a stepping stone into the professional world. Here's how to make the most of yours.

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#Internships are a stepping stone into the professional world. Here's how to make the most of yours:…