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Sixty Seconds for Social: Instant Articles by Facebook

When it comes to daily headlines, social media has become a primary news source for many of us. Unfortunately the ease of scrolling and scanning has made it less likely we’ll tolerate the tediousness of clicking through to read an article in its entirety. Facebook is hoping to make that process easier by removing the extra step of clicking through to an article. Last month, rumors swirled about a partnership with The New York Times and other top publishers making it clear this move was likely, and now it’s official.

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Awards Matter, But Not Why You Think

A new business prospect asked me recently if I thought awards still mattered. Does anyone pay attention to them really? Instinctively, I answered “yes” for all the reasons we’ve been giving for years: awards build brand-awareness, differentiate you from the pack and help get you on customers’ short-lists.

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The Trade Show Must Go On - Here’s How You Can Make It Great

Companies ante up big marketing dollars for the opportunity to participate in top trade shows and conferences. But once the booth space is secured and your conference theme is developed, all eyes typically turn to the public relations/social media team for strategies on how to meaningfully extend the value of that investment.

Here are three key strategies with important reminders to help your organization, whether you’re a startup or an industry giant, rise above the noise and capture valuable trade show mindshare.

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Pick Me! How to Secure a Speaking Spot at SXSW Interactive

A highly coveted speaking spots in the technology industry is SXSW Interactive. Entering its 23rd year, this annual five-day event describes itself as “an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity.” The conference, known for being the place to preview the technology of tomorrow, attracts more than 30,000 attendees and takes over downtown Austin, featuring hundreds of presentations and panels from innovators in emerging technology and lively networking events by industry leaders.

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Sixty Seconds for Social: The Podcast Renaissance

What if I told you that there was an attentive, enthusiastic, and flourishing audience just waiting for you to share content with them, just waiting with open ears? That audience is the ever-expanding community of podcast listeners.

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