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Sixty Seconds for Social: Twitter Photo Collages

Twitter just got more visual - sparking both confusion and praise. Some of you may be scratching your heads, wondering why the social networking site would allow users to post more photos and even tag their friends. That was my first reaction, considering Twitter has always been praised for its basic sharing structure.

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Sixty Seconds for Social: LinkedIn Showcase Pages

If Showcase Pages sound familiar to you, it’s because they’ve been around since last November. However, they haven’t received much attention since their function is very similar to the products and services tabs on LinkedIn Pages. Now that LinkedIn’s products and services tabs have moved on to greener social media pastures (as of April 14) Showcase Pages will likely become a more broadly used feature. In today’s 60 for Social, I’ll take a closer look at the functions and features of this LinkedIn feature.

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Turning Presentation into Conversation: TAI’s Sandra Carey Shares the Secret to Great Public Speaking

Have you had that dream? The one where you’re on stage, about to give an important speech and you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten the entire English language? Stage fright is the stuff of nightmares for many folks, but with practice and the right direction, it’s a phobia that can be overcome.

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Driving Conversations Through Survey Data

What counts as “news” from a PR perspective? Every company knows major episodic events like product launches, new client stories or business action such as an IPO or merger are newsworthy – but typically those events are few and far between. What other valuable insights can your company offer in the meantime to add depth and color to your ongoing brand story?

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Sixty Seconds for Social: Online Quizzes and Brands

I have a question for you. Would you rather take a quiz on:

A. Your favorite movie star.
B. Your favorite music.
C. Who your superhero best friend would be.
D. All of the above and anything else the Internet can throw at you.

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