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Belief is a powerful emotion and it's one we all work to cultivate on a daily basis - whether we're aware of it or not. All of us need to make believers of our key "audiences": whether those are our customers, employees, board members, business partners, local town hall participants, students, or even our own family members.

Belief is even more important in today's world, where our choices are greater than ever before and made even further confusing by an increasingly high "noise level" in the market.

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This most recent college graduation season, chock full of high-profile commencement speakers, gives us a fresh opportunity to look at what makes a memorable and effective speech. read more >
Being in the know couldn't possibly be any more critical in the world of social media, and thanks to the release of Mary Meeker's 2016 annual Internet Trends Report on Wednesday, that's exactly where we'll stay. read more >
May 6, 2016 by Marian Hughes
Since the emergence of Content Marketing, brands have been thinking and acting more like publishers to create engaging original content that will build trust and credibility with their buyers. It's common-place now to find former journalists of well-known news outlets working for brands to help keep their content engines roaring with interesting and useful pieces of owned media. read more >
Of all of the social media giants dominating modern conversation, Snapchat undoubtedly comes with the most questions: How does it work? What's a Snapcode? What exactly is My Story? Where are my friends? Are they even called friends on Snapchat? How do I get this darned app to work!?! And that's before you even consider the marketing opportunities available to brands. read more >

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#VineOfTheWeek: With the combined power of @DisneyPixar's #FindingDory & @Target, this @Vine so totally rocks!

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In honor of the #summersolstice☀️, here's a social #TBT moment from #summer 2015:

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RT @sueparente: Making True Believers: An Overview of The Business of Belief via @TierOnePR

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We're diving into our summer reading blog series w/ @tomasacker’s “The Business of Belief”:

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T1 is diving into our first summer reading series blog post with Tom Asacker’s “The Business of Belief”: