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We're all familiar with the power of myth. True or false, there are some oft-shared tales that have simply captured the fascination of many, and won't let go. So, it's no surprise that social media, whose influence grows daily, would come with a few myths of its own. In this Sixty Seconds for Social, we're going to bust a few of those myths and expose social media best practices that will help you make the most of this incredible arsenal of tools. read more >
If you are a CEO or perhaps a board of directors looking for a model to follow in terms of CEO brand leadership, we have a stellar example in our midst. read more >
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Having customer advocates who happily and publicly sing the praises of a technology or service can be the Holy Grail for companies' communications programs. After all, there's no more powerful validation than that of a third-party who can attest to the value you deliver to their organization. read more >
Summer may be on its way out, but with these recent weekends of beautiful September weather, I was able to grab a few more beach days and finish up the book, "Performing Under Pressure" by Hendrie Weisinger and J.P. Pawliw-Fry. A "must read" for every business professional, Weisinger and Pawliw-Fry's book couldn't be more timely as we say goodbye to relaxed summer work environments and "hello again" to the fast-paced business world of tight deadlines, client meetings, presentations, and critical decisions. read more >

It's Labor Day weekend and school's about to start. Have you finished your summer reading yet? No? Well I can help you with the SparkNotes (do they still have those?) for a current industry read called Spin Sucks: Communications and Reputation Management in the Digital Age by Gini Dietrich.

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#ColumbusDay #MarketingMonday: “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Christopher Columbus

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#VineOfTheWeek: @Cisco saves the day with this imaginative (& informative!) @vine:

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Can you handle the truth (about social media)? We're busting myths in today's post:

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