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Sixty Seconds For Social: Time-Lapse Made Easy With Hyperlapse

October 23, 2014 by Marian Hughes

What do the White House, Oreo and the Cleveland Browns all have in common? Incorporating Hyperlapse, a new standalone iPhone and iPad app (sorry Droid users) that creates smooth, time-lapse videos, into their social media strategy. Without any real editing tools, Hyperlapse is even easier to use than Instagram and creates impressive looking video that can be shared on numerous social media platforms.

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Fluent Interprets Next Wave of Millennial Consumers for Brands

Just when brands think they’ve figured out how to communicate with consumers in today’s digital age, they’re hit with the next wave of Millennials (or Gen Z), whose digital nativeness and cultural values require a very different approach to engagement. This coveted, yet hard to crack, group of 17 to 20-somethings wields up to $200 billion in buying power, and if brands are not careful in building a marketing strategy that is authentic and appealing to this unique audience, they’ll be beat out by the next competitor who is.

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Social Media Week Chicago 2014: Building Brand Advocacy

If you’re like me, and basically eat, sleep, and breathe social media, it’s more than possible to spend the entirety of Social Media Week completely dorking out over all of the amazing things being done by brands. Two weeks ago, while attending Social Media Week Chicago, my third year at the event, I did just that.

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Feeding the Owned Content Machine with Great Contributed Articles

Bylined articles can be an effective way for an organization to showcase a perspective or help prospective buyers tackle a timely business issue. But just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. Or put another way, just because your byline appears in a magazine doesn’t mean it will automatically attract readers who, in turn, will want to curate your content among their peers.

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FinovateFall 2014: A Two-Day Feast for the FinTech Glutton

It’s difficult not to like the Finovate conference format, which serves up savory, bite-sized demos of financial technology innovations in rapid succession. One can imagine if Henry VIII of England were to put on a fintech conference, this is just the sort of format he’d use – easy to consume, fast moving and never boring. If you don’t like what you’re seeing at any given moment, just wait seven minutes and it will change to something entirely different.

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