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The Perils of Putting a Corporate PR Program on Hold
If a company makes the conscious decision to go dark, the reality is it runs the risk of being quickly forgotten by its key audiences. Here are five communications strategies we recommend clients consider during times of product setbacks or delays to demonstrate that the lights are still on and progress is happening within the organization. read more >
Creating a Movement with Clean Energy Jobs
Clean energy industries employ more than 3 million U.S. workers in well-paying middle-class jobs. This data comes from the Department of Energy's annual U.S. Energy and Employment report and is the focus of a social media campaign (February 22) designed to focus national attention on this U.S. jobs success story. At Tier One, we're always looking to help innovators in energy technology promote new ideas and solutions for a better future, so we're excited to support this important campaign. read more >
Instagram Stories Brand Examples
As with any new social media feature, brands have been jumping on board with Instagram Stories from the beginning, exploring the new ways to engage with target audiences on this very visual platform. To inspire your company to use the Instagram Stories feature, here are just a few examples of how brands are sharing effective, engaging stories. read more >
Facebook-owned Instagram Stories boast a slew of features that match those of Snapchat and several that its competitor doesn't have. And while the platform and its capabilities can be incredibly appealing, we also understand how overwhelming it can be to see so many brands already taking full advantage of the platform. read more >
4 Brands that Won Big on Twitter During the Big Game
It's no secret that communicating an authentic brand personality is a key to marketing success; just take a look at Wendy's snarky responses that led them to viral fame. Social media users love to witness a brand's true character and understand what it stands for, rather than knowing them as simply self promotional machines. At this year's Super Bowl, we spotted a social strategy that when played well can be an absolutely home run (or touchdown): Brands using social to engage not only with their target audiences, but also their competitors and other brands. read more >

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Did you mean MailChimp? See why this wildly creative campaign had us searching #JailBlimp & #KaleLimp:

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Did you mean @MailChimp? See why this wildly creative campaign had us searching #JailBlimp & #KaleLimp:…

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Something to keep in mind this #MarketingMonday.

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