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Thought Leadership: It’s More than Talking the Talk

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Most companies these days talk about being a thought leader – or at least wanting to become a thought leader. But with so much noise out there—so much content-overload—can you really break through the clutter? And if so, how?

In my opinion, the ultimate thought leader—think Steve Jobs (black tee shirt optional)—brought his visions to life in the products his company produced and forever changed the markets he entered. While not everyone can be a Steve Jobs, other companies can both talk the talk and walk the walk as he did.

Take Tier One Partners’ client LoJack for example. Here’s a relatively small company with big brand recognition. The company had a vision more than 25 years ago of protecting from thieves both potential car theft victims and police officers who perform routine traffic stops—which led to the creation of the first Stolen Vehicle Recovery System and the stolen vehicle recovery market.

Today, despite the fact that vehicle theft has declined over the past several years, LoJack remains the market leader in large part because its thought leadership programs continually hammer home the message that cars remain vulnerable to sophisticated thieves.

One such program for the past 6 years has named July as Vehicle Theft Protection Month because it is one of the “hottest” months for vehicle theft according to FBI statistics. Using stats from credible organizations, LoJack has educated the car-driving public about the ever-evolving tactics of today’s organized theft rings, the declining vehicle recovery rate for non-LoJack equipped vehicles and the rising connection between vehicle and identity theft. Using videos and infographics, LoJack has cracked the online code by providing its information in ways that pique people’s interest and keep LoJack’s area of expertise relevant to broader cultural conversations.

Here’s an example of a recent LoJack infographic. It’s packed with eye-opening statistics that make it clear: vehicle theft still plagues our streets, and LoJack is uniquely qualified to combat it.

The proof of success is shown by the great number of traditional and social media outlets that have used the information provided by the company. For Vehicle Theft Protection Month, for example, top automotive blogs such as AOL Autos, Car Connection, MSN Autos used the information as did CBS-TV affiliates in Houston, Los Vegas, Seattle, KPRI radio San Diego, WBZ radio Boston and traditional media including The Boston Globe. This just shows the big guys aren’t the only ones who can be thought leaders. No matter what size your company, or even how well recognized your brand, if you walk the walk, you too can be viewed as a thought leader.