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The Art of Influence: What Non-Profit Fundraising Can Teach Every Brand

Earlier this week, I attended Mass General Hospital Cancer Center’s “The 100” gala. The annual fundraising event honors 100 individuals from a diverse set of disciplines and backgrounds, all making a difference in their own way in the fight against cancer.

In Memoriam: Pam Washek

Pam Washek, our good friend and the co-founder and executive director of Neighbor Brigade, lost her 10-year battle with cancer on December 2. Tier One Partners worked with Pam for nearly four years, and the passing of this amazing person has left us with an overwhelming sense of loss.

Connecting Corporate Branding (Body) with Reputation (Soul)

Sometimes a “duh” moment is necessary. It’s necessary because somewhere along the way, we lose sight of the obvious, and someone has to bring our thinking back into focus by hitting us squarely over the head with a “Look dummies, you’ve missed the point!”

National Make a Difference Day: One Way to Keep Your Mojo

We hear this question all the time: “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” For most of us, the answer boils down to a belief that what we do each day somehow makes a difference to someone or something. The problem is, we can’t always see or feel a connection between our jobs and the people we ultimately impact. Our day-to-day activity often doesn’t satisfy our immediate need to see, feel and touch meaningful progress. But I believe there’s a cure for that.

What’s the PR Value of an Infectious Idea? Introducing Neighbor Brigade

Great ideas act like their own little power source, don’t they? They generate a kind of energy and heat all by themselves. Just expose them to the right elements and they spread like wildfire. Massachusetts-based non-profit Neighbor Brigade is an idea like that.

People Magazine on Neighbor Brigade

People MagazineNeighbor Brigade

Tier One Partners Teams with Neighbor Brigade in Mission to Support Neighbors in Crisis

Neighbor Brigade

Managing Partner Sue Parente Joins Growing Non-Profit’s Board of Directors

Tier One Partners, LLC, a full-service public relations agency that offers "all senior talent, all the time," today announced it has partnered with Neighbor Brigade to support the non-profit’s mission of growing local volunteer networks to help neighbors in times of crisis.

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