Driving Conversations Through Survey Data

What counts as “news” from a PR perspective? Every company knows major episodic events like product launches, new client stories or business action such as an IPO or merger are newsworthy – but typically those events are few and far between. What other valuable insights can your company offer in the meantime to add depth and color to your ongoing brand story?

If You’re Not Bucking the System, You’ll Soon Be Bucked Out

I bet the manufacturers of buggy whips once felt pretty confident about their future prospects. Then along came a little problem in the form of Mr. Henry Ford, who quickly made an entire industry obsolete.

Buyers (whether they’re CIOs or Wal-Mart shoppers) will always be looking for the next great thing, even if they don’t know today what’s around the corner tomorrow. So that’s why I’m giving a virtual standing ovation to the challenger brands: those innovators who go boldly where no company has gone before to reset expectations, redefine categories and transform experiences.

Barrons on TradeKing

How “Leaning In” on Social Media Helped Online Brokerage TradeKing Become an Industry Leader

Tier One has had the pleasure of working with the online brokerage firm, TradeKing, since 2007. Since that time, we’ve watched the firm catapult from 25,000 accounts to more than half a million today. With TradeKing’s recent merger with Zecco, the new firm is now reported to be the country’s sixth largest online brokerage.

SEC Goes Social: What Does It Mean for Investors (and Investor Relations)?

There’s been interesting wrinkle debate in two circles in which I travel: financial services PR and investor relations (IR) folks. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently okayed the use of social media venues like Twitter and Facebook for corporate announcements and data releases by publicly traded companies. This Thomson Reuters story summarizes the highlights.

CEO Blogs: They’re Easier to Do (and More Valuable) Than You Might Think

A few years ago, I could have understood (not bought, mind you, but understood) the argument that most CEOs or other C-suite executives are just too busy to blog. But today, in an environment where information is everything, the too-busy-and-important excuse just doesn’t hold up anymore.

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