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Today’s new communications landscape offers more ways than ever to connect with audiences to ignite action and instill loyalty. The trick is knowing what, when and how to communicate – across an ever dynamic world of social, mobile and visual media. This is where Tier One Partners comes in.

What sets us apart is the caliber of diverse talent we put against each client engagement. Our senior-powered teams include top-notch strategists, writers, media mavens, social media experts, videographers and graphic designers – every skill necessary to effectively tell our clients’ stories across today’s multitude of communications channels. And, we work hard to extend the life of each and every one of our successes by using owned properties and capitalizing on powerful syndication platforms.

Then, we measure our progress every step of the way so our clients know precisely what’s working and what needs adjusting.

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#VineOfTheWeek: @Cisco saves the day with this imaginative (& informative!) @vine:

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Can you handle the truth (about social media)? We're busting myths in today's post:

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True or False? The number of followers you have on #socialmedia is the best measurement of success.

We're busting this and four other social media #myths in today's post!

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This #MarketingMonday, keep your eyes open: "You can observe a lot by just watching." Yogi Berra

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#VineOfTheWeek: Love the teamwork (& the ♻) that went into this @Vine collaboration w/ @mashable & @PepsiCo:

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