August 16, 2019

There’s a Podcast for That

Podcast popularity is poppin’, and Google gets it. The search engine now highlights relevant (and playable) podcast episodes as part of search results based on info from titles, descriptions, and episode audio transcriptions. Not only does this make discovering new podcasts way easier for listeners (just search podcast + anything and see what you get), it adds a whole new SEO consideration for brands. Implementing podcasts into your content strategy is a creative way for brands to showcase thought leadership, discuss trends, and provide insights and knowledge on industry-specific topics — and now to boost organic traffic, too. Think podcasts aren’t a fit for your brand? With more than 2 million on the web and more than 90 million monthly listeners in the U.S., podcasts are worth a closer look.

Dive Into LinkedIn Audiences

In a pool of more than 645 million members, it can feel impossible to make a splash in front of your target audience on LinkedIn. But with the addition of the Audience Engagement category to LinkedIn’s Marketing Partner Program, some brands now have access to audience discovery, content recommendation, and industry benchmarking insights. These features let marketers easily track trending industry topics and content, compare their content to competitors, and identify new audiences with high engagement in similar content topics. Though currently limited to digital marketing partners Amobee, Annalect, Hootsuite, Ogilvy, and Sprinklr, the Audience Engagement tool gives marketers the data to streamline both paid and organic campaigns so they don’t have to worry about flopping in front of the wrong audience.

Length Does Matter ...

… When it comes to brands’ Instagram Stories, that is. According to Conviva’s 2019 Instagram Stories Benchmark Study released this summer, Stories’ reach increases with length and those under six frames typically see below-average reach. While completion rates fall with longer Stories, the report suggests brands continue to post more (between 15 and 25 frames) to increase viewability. Surprised? The study also reported another twist in social media best practices. Turns out the best time to post IG Stories isn’t lunchtime, it’s breakfast. And brands posting between 9 and 10 a.m. had less competition and higher reach. While the popularity of Insta Stories is relatively new and its use by brands is rapidly evolving, marketers should keep these findings top of mind while strategizing their next Stories campaign.
Spark of the Week

Retail Apocalypse, Who?

It’s no secret e-commerce is growing like crazy, and brick-and-mortar stores are … not so much. But legacy brands like Macy’s and Kohl’s aren’t giving up — and instead are taking on a “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality. In a play to bring together the worlds of digital and traditional retail, Kohl’s has turned to Facebook for a little help. Through the partnership, dubbed “Curated by Kohl’s,” the 57-year old retailer will identify small and trendy brands popular on Facebook and Instagram to bring into its stores and website. The ultimate goal: Draw in younger shoppers by providing them with the unique experience of shopping their favorite social media-based brands in-store, bridging the gap between on- and offline retail.

As shopping on social media becomes increasingly prominent, sites like Facebook and Instagram are gaining more and more insights into digital shopping trends and direct-to-consumer brands. And for a legacy department store to tap into that, well, that’s forward thinking. Not all brands will have the opportunity to partner with social media giants at this scale, but Kohl’s serves as a reminder that the key to staying relevant in a digitally-focused world is to work with — not against — social and those who’ve found success on it.


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