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15th Anniversary September Feature: Jessica Ivetich

Posted September 15, 2018 By Tier One

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Tier One is thrilled, humbled, and grateful to be heading into our 15th year as a full-service PR, social, and content agency. We see this moment in time as an opportunity to celebrate and recognize our fantastic team members. On the 15th of each month (Feb.’18 - Dec.‘18), we are spotlighting a team member and giving them an opportunity to raise a little extra awareness and support for a cause that’s important to them. Here’s to the next 15! #TOP15

Jessica Ivetich
Account and Content Specialist

Jessica says that her upbringing has helped her stay balanced...

Originally hailing from northwest Indiana, Jessica cites access to two different cultures—the hustle and bustle of city life that comes with close proximity to Chicago, but also living in the tranquility of rural Indiana—as something that has shaped her.

Jessica shares that “living in “The Region” grew my appreciation for balance between busy moments and quiet ones. Being exposed to so many different arts, cultures, and walks of life helped foster my inner curiosity and my passion for learning.”

You might recognize Jessica from…

A box in your local toy store. A little known fact about Jessica is that she was a child model, from print ads to a weekly runway show at American Girl’s Chicago location. Her biggest gig ever? A Radio Flyer product box that might still be in circulation.

“I’m pretty sure the company still sells the same wagon in the same box, so it’s too bad that residual payments weren’t a part of my contract!”

Since graduating from Indiana University and moving to Chicago, Jessica has gotten involved with…

Cause the Effect Chicago, which provides a platform for women to affect change through activism, civic engagement and political giving. Jessica is taking a hands-on approach, assisting with PR efforts pertaining to this year’s Cause the Effect’s Young Feminist Conference, which takes place on October 6. The conference encourages young women throughout Chicago to engage with issues that affect them and utilize their voices to create change. It’s free to attend, though a donation of sanitary products is encouraged.

The experience is more than meaningful to Jessica. “As a young woman, it’s incredible to be able to pay it forward and support other women and girls as we fight for change in our communities.”

In support of Cause the Effect’s mission...

Tier One will be making a donation to Cause the Effect for future initiatives.

When it comes to corporate support of causes near to employee’s hearts…

Jessica feels like it’s always important to have passions and interests outside of the workplace to keep a balance in your life. “One of my college mentors always said, ‘Everywhere we look, caring hands precede us.’ No one would be where they are today without the contributions of others, so it’s important to pave the way for future generations.”

You can learn more about Cause the Effect...

By checking its website or visiting the organization on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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