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15th Anniversary September Feature: Matt McCarthy

Posted October 15, 2018 By Tier One Team

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Tier One is thrilled, humbled, and grateful to be in our 15th year as a full-service PR, social, and content agency. We see this moment-in-time as an opportunity to celebrate and recognize our fantastic team members and honoring them by supporting causes dear to them. On the 15th of each month (Feb.’18 - Dec.‘18) we will spotlight a team member and hope to raise a little extra awareness and support for their cause. Here’s to the next 15! #TOP15

Matt McCarthy
Account Manager

Matt now lives in Quincy, Massachusetts, the town where he was born, but...

He has lived all over New England, including Boston, Hudson, Worcester, and Amherst in Massachusetts; and Bridgeport, Fairfield, and Norwalk in Connecticut.

You may not know that Matt…

Owns a small fleet of bicycles and rides them regularly. One of the things he enjoys most is bike-riding around town, something he’s practiced everywhere he’s lived. “Cycling provides a great way to explore your surroundings and gives you a sense of what is happening in your community.”

Whether he’s searching for the next coverage opportunity for a client or hunting down free food for the office, Matt’s spirit of exploration has been a wonderful addition to the Tier One team since he joined in the summer of 2017.

The past three years…

Matt has cycled for a cause in support of Pedal4Life, a Chicago-based nonprofit that works with drug treatment centers, adding bicycling into the patient recovery process.

Opioid and other drug addictions are a major health crisis facing our nation, impacting every community across the country. The bikes provide recovering addicts transportation to support meetings, job interviews, and work. Cycling also helps them boost natural endorphins and promotes healthy activity during periods of boredom or anxiety often associated with the recovery process.

In support of Pedal4Life’s mission...

Tier One is making a donation to Pedal4Life for future initiatives, which include its HeroInMe Ride in June 2019 and several spin class fundraisers that will be held in spring 2019 in the greater Chicago area.

When it comes to corporate support of causes near and dear to their employees...

Matt feels it is so important for businesses to get involved to support and raise funds to help those in need get their lives back together because, “When the members of our community are supported and can stand together, we all thrive.”

To learn more about Pedal4Life…

Visit the Pedal4Life site here or make a donation here.

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