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5 Ways to Stay on Task While Working Remotely this Holiday Season

Posted December 13, 2017 By Bianca Lev

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Technology provides tremendous opportunities to improve work-life balance which can be especially advantageous during the holiday travel season. In fact, many companies provide the benefit of team members working remotely during the season; however, with that perk comes with the risk of losing that cohesive feel when it matters most. Of course, you don’t have to lose your collaborative spirit just because your team is a little misplaced. Get the most out of your telecommuting team with these strategies:

Communiation is Key.

In person or from afar, it goes without saying that communication is vital to your professional success. At the very least, make sure you’re checking in with team members throughout the day and conferring over email and by phone. If you need to take it a step furtheco-workinging sites like Asana, Basecamp, or Slack provide a way to work and chat with multiple team members at once and keep group tasks moving in the right direction.

On the other hand, working from home can feel isolating, especially when you’re used to a midday chat with your work bestie. Keep up those conversations over chat when you’re working remotely. Having a coworker nearby, even virtually, can help you stay in touch and on track throughout the day.

Keep it professional.

There’s a sense of freedom that comes in hand with working from home. Whether it’s being able to stay in your pajamas all day, or spending extra time with your kids, it’s easy to feel much more relaxed at home. However, it's hard to take someone seriously on a conference call when there’s a dog barking in the background. Remove the distractions (when you can) and retreat to a quiet space when important calls come in.

Be easy to reach.

When you’re in the office it’s easy for your boss or coworker to find you for everything whether it’s a quick question, a last minute meeting, or whatever else the work week throws at you. When you’re working remotely, strive to be just as “find-able.” Remain alert regarding time-sensitive matters and respond in a timely fashion. Keep your chat open and your phone near you in case someone tries to reach out. Always be sure to let your team know the best form of contact to reach you.

Remain accountable.

Touch base throughout the day, at the same times. Send an update at the EOD and check in first thing in the am. Your office might allow for flexible work hours around a holiday, but for the sake of your fellow employees, remain consistent. Make sure everyone knows when you’re online.

Take a break!

Working from home is a great opportunity but when you’re not forced out of the house by a commute or meetings, it’s not long before cabin fever sets in. Take a quick walk before lunch for a change of pace or venture to a nearby coffee shop in the afternoon for a change of scenery, which often can boost productivity.

The bottom line? There are many ways to maintain a collaborative vibe while working remotely as the year comes to an end. Let that team spirit carry you into the new year ready to tackle what lies ahead once you return to the office.

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