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    The Power of the Podcast: How Brands Are Capitalizing on the Airwaves

    Posted April 11, 2018 By Christie Leist | podcasts, PR Best Practices
    It’s been said (more than a few times), that behind every great brand is a great story. The saying may be true, but it’s not quite the entire truth. Most companies have a whole series — scratch that, an entire library — of stories to tell, and there are more places than ever to share them. read more >

    ‘Tis the Season: Holiday Social Media Posts for Brands

    Posted October 26, 2017 By Christie Leist | PR Best Practices, social media, B2B, holiday
    The approach of fall and winter ignites brands with the amazing gift of creative opportunity. From Halloween to Hanukkah and everything in between, ‘tis the season for brands to wrap their content with holiday themes and drum up extra attention across social channels. read more >

    Confessions of a Podcaster

    Podcasts have been on the rise for the past few years. These radio shows for the 21st century, if you will, are being utilized by everyone from celebrities to brands to everyday people. This opportunity to communicate directly with an audience on a more personal level is truly too good to miss. I (an everyday person) am the co-host/co-founder of a read more >

    The Intern Perspective: What I Wish I Knew Then

    Posted August 17, 2017 By Christie Leist | Around the Office
    Everyone wants to succeed at their internship, but what exactly does that mean? Internships are a stepping stone into the professional world, an opportunity to get your feet wet and see what your dream industry is really all about. Different internships may have different end goals—you may want to come away with portfolio builders or a full-time read more >

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