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    The Perfect Pitch in 5 GIFs

    Posted July 25, 2018 By Sarah Mees | PR Best Practices
    The art of the pitch is a frequently covered topic. But the trouble is that most of those pieces focus on “rookie” mistakes to avoid: misspelling a reporter’s name, falling victim to a sloppy cut and paste, or inadvertently sending the dreaded mass email blast. read more >

    Are You Listening? The True Value of Broader Industry Listening

    When you hear communication pros talk about “listening,” do you really know what they are referring to? read more >

    Boosting Your PR Program With Contributed Content

    Posted April 04, 2018 By Sarah Mees | PR Best Practices
    It’s a common misconception that public relations = press release. But that’s simply not true. In fact, effective PR programs don’t even require lots of company news. Many different avenues for generating company awareness exist outside of the traditional press release. One of the best? Thought leadership content that’s posted by influential read more >

    When Competitors Talk Trash: Combating FUD in the Market

    Posted February 14, 2018 By Sarah Mees | PR Best Practices, best practices, competitor, FUD
    It happens all the time. A sales rep comes back from an event with anecdotes about how the competition is sharing inaccurate information about your brand. How can you fight back? There are no official channels to “correct the record” in these situations. read more >

    Marketing Lessons from HubSpot’s INBOUND 2017

    Posted October 05, 2017 By Sarah Mees | PR Best Practices, SEO, content strategy, Hubspot, INBOUND
    It’s been a week since HubSpot’s annual INBOUND Conference, and we’re still reeling from all that we learned about the state of digital marketing in 2017. At the highest level, the way we search today has changed, the way search engines serve up results has changed, so therefore, our approach to SEO has to change too. read more >

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