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Earth Day & What Keeps It Spinning

Posted April 19, 2017 By Sarah Mees

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Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, is far from a greeting card holiday, but at almost 50 years from its first celebration, Earth Day persists, and that’s no small achievement. The global community’s steadfast and growing commitment to supporting environmental issues underscores the opportunity we have to address some of our most critical challenges. Perhaps this is why the Paris Agreement was signed by more than 120 nations on Earth Day in 2016.

For those of us that are concerned about the current politicization of environmental issues, Earth Day 2017 is an opportunity to lend our voices to the global community in support of progress. Earth Day has become an annual reminder that we all have a role to play, and that collectively we can affect change.

This year, Earth Day also includes the March for Science, described as a ‘teach-in’ with its primary celebration on the National Mall in Washington, DC, along with rallies in major cities across the United States and in more than 500 cities around the world. This is an important addition to Earth Day, in my mind, because science is critical to understanding, and ultimately solving environmental issues.

As a marketer and sustainability advocate, the persistence and growth of Earth Day over the decades is a reminder that tenacity guided by strong principles is a virtue. This is true in public relations too. Yes, we can create a sensation or two with intelligent, well-timed PR programs, but that isn’t the end game.

Successful PR programs, like Earth Day, evolve over time. And like Earth Day, a solid PR program speaks truth, not just pithy sound bites that garner fleeting attention. This requires a unique partnership between PR professionals and the businesses they serve. Successful PR pros, whether internal to a business or as a consultant, help businesses see beyond the sound bite to the big picture.

This Earth Day, Tier One will be showing its support of environmental and climate issues, science, and green businesses by sharing news and information that matters to our planet. We hope you’ll join us by lending your unique voice to this critical, global conversation.

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