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    Sixty Seconds for Social: LinkedIn Showcase Pages

    The Basics Showcase Pages are an extension of a LinkedIn Company Page, meant to spotlight a product, service, business unit, or initiative with its own dedicated messages and audience segments. read more >

    Turning Presentation into Conversation: TAI’s Sandra Carey Shares the Secret to Great Public Speaking

    Have you had that dream? The one where you're on stage, about to give an important speech and you suddenly realize you've forgotten the entire English language? Stage fright is the stuff of nightmares for many folks, but with practice and the right direction, it's a phobia that can be overcome. read more >

    Driving Conversations Through Survey Data

    What counts as “news” from a PR perspective? Every company knows major episodic events like product launches, new client stories or business action such as an IPO or merger are newsworthy – but typically those events are few and far between. What other valuable insights can your company offer in the meantime to add depth and color to your ongoing read more >

    Sixty Seconds for Social: Online Quizzes and Brands

    I have a question for you. Would you rather take a quiz on: read more >

    April Fools! Getting the Last Laugh with Brands and Pranks

    Posted April 01, 2014 By Stephanie Malkus |
    So, what happens when brands get in on the fun? It's long been a fun custom among top brands to concoct some April Fool's Day pranks of their own. It is, afterall, the one day of the year where brands can step a bit outside of their usual (sometimes uber serious) zone, and stir up a little fun and conversation. read more >

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