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Social Summer School: Snapchat

Posted June 30, 2016 By Tier One Team

Topics: Social Media


Break out your notebooks and pencils, Tier One’s Social Summer School is officially in session! We’ll be answering social FAQs to improve your social savvy and help you stay afloat in the ever-changing world of social media.

Lesson of the Week: Snapchat

Q: Do Snapchat videos and photos have to be taken within the Snapchat app in the moment or can you upload a saved image/video?

A: If you are sending a direct message via Snapchat, the answer is yes, you can upload directly from your camera roll. However, if you are posting to your Story, there is not an upload option within the app, so you have to post your content as soon as you take it. This isn’t too surprising given Snapchat’s “in the moment’ style, but it can pose an issue for those of us who like to plan ahead or are trying to optimize reach by posting at a peak time. But don’t fret, we have a Snap-hack to satisfy your pre-planned-post-loving soul.

Extra Credit: There are several (free!) apps, that allow you to post from your camera roll to your Story. (One of our favorites is Upload’n’Roll.) This means you can post a photo you’ve already taken, or you can take a photo on Snapchat, decorate it with drawings and emojis, and save it for later!

For even more on Snapchat, check out our recent in-depth look at this ephemeral social messaging app: Frequently Asked Questions: Snapchat

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