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    Sixty Seconds for Social: The GIF that Keeps on Giving

    This Sunday, many of us will tune into the Oscars to see the best films of the year honored for their greatness. It’s a wonderful reminder of the universal pull of the visual. But filmmakers aren’t the only ones receiving praise for moving pictures this year. Animated GIFs are hitting the big time, and brands are getting on board. read more >

    Sixty Seconds for Social: Getting GIF-y With It

    If you've browsed your Tumblr lately, you've probably seen a boat load of GIFs dominating your feed. For those of you are aren't familiar with GIFs, they are video animations using video or images to create a short-form clip. Many times these are used to share memorable movie scenes, promote upcoming movie trailers, to capture an emotion, or to read more >

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