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    Make the Most of Your Post: Best Practices for Medium and LinkedIn Pulse

    If your company publishes a blog post and nobody is around to read it, does it make a sound?  read more >

    Best Practices for CEOs on Social Media

    There was a time when the thought of the C-Suite setting foot anywhere near a social network was the stuff of myth and legend. How times have changed! CEO sociability is on the rise,and it’s proving more valuable than ever. The social CEO is no longer viewed as a rarity, but as a strong force for building thought leadership within his or her own read more >

    Sixty Seconds for Social: LinkedIn Showcase Pages

    The Basics Showcase Pages are an extension of a LinkedIn Company Page, meant to spotlight a product, service, business unit, or initiative with its own dedicated messages and audience segments. read more >

    Winning at Social Media & Trade Shows

    Image Credit: SXSW We’re all fired up for this year’s dose of SXSW inspiration. Like any trade show or conference, SXSW throws attendees into a heady mix of debate, discussion and opportunities. No question, trade shows get overwhelming fast – and social media often feels like part of the problem. read more >

    How People Can Get to Know You

    Posted June 30, 2012 By Sue Parente | PR Best Practices, snl, twitter, linkedin
    While maybe not to the degree Lovitz suggests, it is true we all have something to offer each other. This goes for agencies and their clients, companies and their customers, experts and the media. But to learn what that something is, we have to get to know each other. So in this age of 140 characters or less, how can we get to know each other read more >

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