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    Social Anxiety: Which Social Platforms Should Your Business Be Using?

    As your business enters the world of social media there are more than a few questions to be answered. But more often than not, the first we hear from clients is this: Which are the most valuable social platforms for my company? read more >

    The Art and Science of Communication Program Measurement: Measuring Social Media

    In the first post of this two-part series on communication measurement, I shared thoughts about what to benchmark and track when measuring the value of earned media. This time I’m turning my attention to social media.  read more >

    The Art and Science of Communication Program Measurement: Three Critical Analytics Areas for Measuring Earned Media

    Communication program measurement has been the subject of intense debate for decades. Organizations rightfully want to understand the impact of public relations and social media on their business and gauge the true return on investment of their budget investment. read more >

    Sixty Seconds for Social (Overtime): Behind the Wheel of Twitter Dashboard

    When you’re managing a company’s Twitter account, there’s a lot to consider and monitor, and things can become overwhelming faster than you can say “character count.” But fear not — Twitter has created Dashboard, a one-stop shop for all of a small to medium-sized businesses’ Twitter management and analytics needs. So fasten your seatbelts, read more >

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