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    5 Tips to Stand Out in Today's Media Landscape

    Posted August 04, 2017 By Colleen Irish | PR Best Practices, media, news
    One of my favorite things about the PR profession is the art of media relations. There’s nothing more gratifying than landing a great story for a client in a high-profile publication with strong influence and readership in their industry. This is especially rewarding after doing the due diligence to research a reporter’s interest and knowledge of read more >

    The Ghosts of PR Past, Present, and Future

    Image created using Canva. Background Image Credit: "Day 36 - Candles" by Iain Watson on Flickr As another year comes to an end, it’s common practice to look back and reflect on the past while musing about the possibilities of the year to come. With all the new social and online media tools that have popped up in the industry these days — and in read more >

    Native Advertising: Valuable Content or "Repurposed Bovine Waste"?

    It was out of this struggle that native advertising was born. For those unfamiliar, native advertising is paid content, sponsored by and sometimes even created by a brand, that runs alongside regular news stories. While paid content gives news organizations a much needed revenue stream (though I still have the naive view that we should pay for read more >

    Sixty Seconds for Social: Instant Articles by Facebook

    When it comes to daily headlines, social media has become a primary news source for many of us. Unfortunately the ease of scrolling and scanning has made it less likely we’ll tolerate the tediousness of clicking through to read an article in its entirety. Facebook is hoping to make that process easier by removing the extra step of clicking through read more >

    Sixty Seconds for Social: The Podcast Renaissance

    Where the digital age has hurt many other news and data sources, it has given new birth to audio, which has experienced renewal and reinvention, making the most of new technology to deliver the podcast. What's behind its recent surge? That's a two-part answer: read more >

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