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    It’s Complicated: How to Translate Even the Most Technical of Topics

    Certain subjects are guaranteed to elicit an enthusiastic reaction regardless of the audience: food, puppies, the latest LOL meme. They’re all bonafide crowd-pleasers, and you don’t have to be a communication genius to get people pumped. But when the subject at hand is, ahem, more tedious and technical (e.g. the latest advancements in SAAS, read more >

    Public Relations for Blockchain (Beyond Bitcoin)

    Whenever a new technology enters our collective conscience many unrelated businesses try to align themselves with it in an effort to demonstrate they are cutting edge. Sometimes this works...and sometimes it doesn’t. read more >

    How to Spring Into Productivity this Season

    Rather than put another action item on your to-do list, let us break down some of the tried and true habits of the most productive among us. read more >

    Why There Needs to be an “I” in Healthcare: A Report from the 2014 Connected Health Conference

    Image credit: Here’s a painful contradiction: U.S. healthcare costs are higher than any other country in the world, despite a lack of superior patient outcomes. To boot, the Institute of Medicine reports the US healthcare system squanders $750 billion a year (roughly 30 cents of every medical dollar) through read more >

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