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December 6, 2017 by Grace Rasulo | Technology & Software
While the end of the year is a time for personal reflection, for brands it's a time to reflect on the success of your marketing programs and plan for the new year. Your 2018 plan should be full of creative ideas, goals, and strategies. But what's a strategy without data to back it up? read more >
The Perfect (Brain)Storm
Mastering the art of an effective brainstorm is the cornerstone of any great agency. Follow these guidelines and you and your creative team will be smooth sailing to "I love that idea" land. read more >
Mastering 140 Characters
Consolidating an idea into 140 characters is a familiar (and daily) struggle for social media managers and everyday users alike. We feel your pain, so we've created this handy guide to help you master the art of Twitter's character count. read more >
Hashtag FAQs
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, # was just a pound sign and not one of the most iconic symbols of the craze that's taken over our digital lives -- social media. Mastering the use of the hashtag can be a powerful and important tool for your brand's social media strategy -- one that certainly shouldn't be underestimated. As the most popular platforms have updated and evolved, the rules of the hashtag game - what works and what doesn't - have changed. We've dug up the answers to the most common hashtag questions so you can ensure your brand is #winning on social. read more >
Brand Voice On Social Media
As marketers in the social media age, humanizing your brand and making a big company feel like your close personal friend is easier than ever, and developing a definitive brand voice for your social media presence is the best way to seize the opportunity. Not sure where to start? We're taking a look at how to develop a brand voice, why you should care, and what brands are the best in the biz with showcasing their personality read more >

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There are only two weeks left until the new year, so make sure your holiday content is ready to go!
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