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Challenging the status quo. I love stepping back and analyzing a PR program to determine if there’s a better way to move our clients closer to their goals. I'm constantly scouting out innovative new approaches, tools and technology – anything that holds the potential to really deliver. And, when I discover one with merit, there's nothing more rewarding than getting up to speed, putting it into action and generating big results – that, to me, is hitting it out of the park!
August 8, 2018 by Marian Hughes | PR Best Practices
Nothing feels better than completing a corporate messaging and positioning assignment. After weeks (or even months) of analyzing the competitive landscape and the needs and wants of your target audiences, you've concisely articulated what your organization does, how it differentiates itself from others in the marketplace, and its unique value proposition. read more >
Is Your Product Ready to Launch?
It used to be much easier to determine the perfect time to launch a product (or service), but the digital age has changed all of that. So when is a product considered ready enough to launch? Here are critical components we encourage clients to think through to determine if they are truly ready to launch. read more >
The Ingredients of a Must-Read Corporate Blog
What was the last book you just couldn't put down? How about a great magazine article? Have you ever thought about what would give your corporate blog the same type of reaction? With a little planning, strategy, and a few tricks of the trade, it's possible. We've taken a closer look at numerous page-turning corporate blogs and compiled this list of common traits for inspiration. read more >
The Perils of Putting a Corporate PR Program on Hold
If a company makes the conscious decision to go dark, the reality is it runs the risk of being quickly forgotten by its key audiences. Here are five communications strategies we recommend clients consider during times of product setbacks or delays to demonstrate that the lights are still on and progress is happening within the organization. read more >
As the 2016 Summer Olympics have come to an end, so have the many Olympic-themed campaigns that have been permeating traditional and digital media alike. The Olympics are a marketer's dream come true; the nature of the Games lends itself perfectly to timely, engaging and interesting content creation. Even with this year's unprecedented restrictions, brands and businesses were still able to create plenty of podium-worthy content that made us laugh, cry, and Retweet. Here are Tier One's Olympic digital storytelling picks that went beyond simply reporting the facts and landed themselves a spot atop our Olympic podium: read more >

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