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What Motivates Me: Finding and telling a good story. Each client has one, you just need to work with them to find it.
Public Relations Blockchain
Whenever a new technology enters our collective conscience many unrelated businesses try to align themselves with it in an effort to demonstrate they are cutting edge. Sometimes this works...and sometimes it doesn't. For PR professionals this presents a challenge, aka an incredible opportunity to help clients define this up and coming technology. Clearly communicating the potential of this space will be crucial as it makes its way into more and more sectors. read more >
Fostering Media Relationships for a Strong PR Program
March 14, 2018 by Matt McCarthy | PR Best Practices
Let's face it, pitching the media can be hard work. Journalists are busy and stretched thin and as a result can be short and rushed. And in today's world where people can work from anywhere, it can be difficult to reach them by phone or email. Direct phone number are rarely listed, and oftentimes only general email addresses are provided or worse yet, a there is only a contact form on their site that goes directly to their junk email folder. At times it can feel like the media are doing their best to be virtually unreachable. read more >
Just because the journalist you pitched said no or is not getting back to you, it does not mean it is the end of the road for your pitch angle. Here are some common remedies to breathe new life into your pitch that seems to be going nowhere and ultimately secure coverage. read more >
PR best practices and skills
What do a public relations specialist and an agricultural grader have in common? Not much at all, according to an article recently published in the "New York Times." The article describes which profession is the "opposite of your job" based on data from the U.S. Labor Department's O*NET database, which records and tracks the skills and education needed for each job type. read more >

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Tier One is honored to share the PR News Platinum Agency Word of Mouth Marketing award with our client Ally for its Hardest Working Dollar campaign! A big thanks to the hardest working team that made it happen!

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We are so excited to share the @PRNews Platinum Award for Word of Mouth #Marketing with our client @Ally for its Ha…