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Cannes Lions 2018 B2B
Last week the advertising powerhouses of the world gathered in the south of France to celebrate the best of the best in ads over the last year. This was a year of transformation for the glitzy Oscars of the ad world. This past fall the event announced quite a few changes to its structure, including pricing, switching from eight days to just five, and probably most significantly, switching up the award categories. That includes a new "track" structure which categorizes entries into nine groups: Communication, Craft, Entertainment, Experience, Good, Health, Impact, Innovation, and Reach. read more >
What Marketers Need to Know About Net Neutrality
In December, the FCC voted to overturn the "Open Internet Order," effectively repealing regulation designed to preserve net neutrality. The fact is, there are still a lot of unknowns around what's next for net neutrality, but as marketers with technology clients that rely entirely on the internet it's important to know there's the potential for some significant changes in the near future. So, what does exactly does net neutrality mean and why should it matter to marketers? read more >
It's hard to believe that another year has just about come and gone, and what a year it has been for social media. In 2017 social media has soared to new heights and faced new challenges that have meant a world of change for everyday users and brands alike. It can be challenging to soak in everything that's changed, so we outlined the highlights of the last 365 in social to help you reminisce, remember, and start planning for next year. Here it is, the year 2017 (so far) in social. read more >
A Beginner’s Guide to Online Video Editing
Thanks to the internet, our dependence on "real world" experts is rapidly declining. In a world where there's an app for almost anything, online courses for everything, and an almost endless amount of YouTube tutorials at our fingertips, we have the means to become self-taught experts. Take video editing for example. Many might think there is a need to hire outside help for all of their video needs, but in reality, video editing isn't as complicated as we make it out to be. There are a variety of video editing tools, resources, and tutorials that can get just about anyone up and running with some simple editing skills. And with video content continuing to be a driving force in digital and social media marketing strategies, getting more self sufficient with video editing will only play to your advantage. read more >
Social Anxiety: Which Social Platforms Should Your Business Be Using?
As your business enters the world of social media there are more than a few questions to be answered. But more often than not, the first we hear from clients is this: Which are the most valuable social platforms for my company? The short answer: it depends. There is no one answer for all businesses. There are only social media platforms that are right for your brand and your audience. Social media is a very personal experience, and that's true for brands as well as individuals. read more >

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With blockchain now playing a role in PR, understanding it can revolutionize the way clients interact with consumers.

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Understanding #blockchain is necessary when working in #PR: