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February 7, 2020

Byte’s Got High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes

Say hello to Byte: The second-coming of Vine (the six-second looping video app that shut down in 2017). After a little more than a week on the market, Byte is boasting 1.3 million downloads, a better start than its predecessor saw in 2013. But while the numbers look good so far, Byte’s just beginning its uphill battle against Instagram and TikTok to social media stardom. Its long-term priority? Monetizing and compensating creators, which Vine didn’t do and was the cause of its demise. But first Byte must deal with the issue of spammers pining for likes and followers across the platform. Still, the app has potential and marketers who've taken the plunge into TikTok should consider Byte as their next foray into Gen Z marketing since videos can be easily repurposed across the platforms. And if Byte’s fan base is anything like Vine’s was, we’ve got high, high hopes for the platform.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

As marketers, Facebook doesn’t let us just hit up customers through Messenger. But the social giant is continuing to expand its conversational marketing capabilities. This week, it launched a One-Time Notification API for Messenger, which lets users opt-in to receive a one-time message from brands about product re-stocks, price drops, and other follow-up information. This feature comes shortly after Facebook updated its time policy on Messenger, now giving brands just 24 hours to respond to user-initiated messages. The strict limitations on both standard messaging and the new API are meant to keep businesses from spamming Facebookers with ads — keeping users happy and driving Messenger’s potential as an e-commerce avenue.

Look at Me! Look at Me!

In a world full of flashy content plans and social media distraction, it can be hard to stand out. While already competing for attention, brands also have to navigate complicated SEO updates to reach their audience. Take zero-click searches, AKA Google searches that answer a query without the user having to click through to anything. They’re dominating results, virtually eliminating CTRs (click-through rates), and are quite possibly a content marketer’s worst nightmare. Our advice? Keep creating relevant content that succinctly answers user questions, but create a curiosity gap with an enticing title and thought-provoking meta description. This will encourage users to seek out more info, (hopefully) click on your site, and give your brand the attention it deserves.
Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 4.18.41 PM

Alexa, Place Order for … Valentine’s Day Date?

Who needs Tinder Plus when you can have a what-your-dreams-are-made-of single delivered to your doorstep for free in one hour? With Amazon Dating, it feels all too possible. But don’t block off your Valentine’s Day just yet — because this dating feature is all satire, no Amazon. Created by five singles, the parody site seamlessly combines Amazon’s product pages with dating app essentials like your potential partners’ height and favorite hobbies. Plus, extras like a “Non-Ghosting Agreement” and a link to Netflix for those who “Don’t See What They’re Looking For” add to the devilishly (and hilariously) detailed website.  

Amazon Dating might not be a win for the lonely hearts looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right before Valentine’s Day. But marketers can celebrate this fun, outside the box, and excellently executed content. From the smallest elements to the overall user experience, the creators of Amazon Dating took a concept that’s not too far-fetched (if Facebook has a dating site, why not Amazon?) and brought it to life. It has quickly grabbed the internet’s attention, even giving users the option to apply to be featured. While Amazon’s recognizable branding may have given these creators an edge, building a stand out campaign (especially one that’s holiday-themed) is never easy, and marketers can be inspired by this love story, err …, case study of an innovative idea paired with well thought-out creativity.


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