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March 20, 2020

Introducing Stay at Home Influencers

Paused are the days of swipe up links, FabFitFun unboxings, and extravagant international influencer trips. As brands step back and re-evaluate influencer marketing campaigns in the wake of the coronavirus, content creators report postponed or cancelled press trips, campaigns, and even product launches. Uncertain economic times mean customers may not be as apt to spend money right now, but brands can still work with creators if they do it right. This could mean partnering with influencers for more education-focused or brand awareness-based campaigns, rather than those meant to solely drive sales. Marketers can also use this time to really learn about influencers’ relationships with their audiences by looking at the engagement they receive during this period of not-so-normal content. We can all expect influencer marketing to look different for some time, but with some strategic pivoting, brands can still find use for this tactic as we all adjust to a new normal.

Me Likee

The good news: You’re finally starting to understand TikTok. The bad news: There’s a new short-from video app on the horizon. It’s called Likee, and it’s the fourth most downloaded video application in the world. Fortunately, this app, originally from Singapore, is pretty similar to TikTok and offers a range of creative editing tools. With recent significant growth, Likee announced it intends to make a push into U.S. markets — meaning we should all have it on our radars. While TikTok continues to become more and more mainstream for brands, this new app may offer a new opportunity for brands to capitalize on early. Our suggestion? Use your extra time at home these days to continue mastering TikTok, so when Likee makes it to your phone, you’ll be ready to jump right in.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Ready to get chatty? Message Ads (formerly known as Sponsored InMail) on LinkedIn just got a little more interesting with the launch of Conversation Ads. The new feature allows marketers to add multiple, customizable CTAs to their messages, giving users a “choose your path” experience. With several options to click on — like “visit website” or “tell me more” — the hope is brands will tap into this tool to boost engagement for their InMail campaigns. Of course, marketers should be wary of having too many CTAs in their messages, which can be overwhelming and lead to lower engagement rates. (Ever heard of the paradox of choice?) In our humble opinion, two to three is your best bet. Brands will see Conversation Ads roll out over the next few weeks — and since conversational marketing is already on the rise, we can’t wait to start chatting.

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

What used to be cool? Going to Chipotle with your buddies. What’s cool now? Staying at least six feet away from your buddies (and everyone else). Luckily, Chipotle is providing a way to group hang virtually with Chipotle Together so you don’t have to eat chips and guac alone  during quarantine. All week, the Mexican grill has tweeted out Zoom links to host cyber lunchtime meetups that feature celebrity guests and up to 3,000 people at a time. In the first session, “The Bachelor’s” Colton Underwood chatted with fans and walked them through a hilarious Chipotle-themed presentation that kept the mood light. And if you’re lucky enough to make it into the Zoom (which is first come, first serve), Chipotle is surprising select participants with free entree codes to demonstrate its appreciation for customers’ continued support through this challenging time.

Chipotle Together shows just because we can’t meet up in person doesn’t mean communication has to come to a hard stop. We’re seeing brands get creative in an effort to keep in touch with their audience and let them know they aren’t alone during this pandemic. And even though these virtual meetups have become commonplace seemingly overnight, quarantine has opened the door to a new form of engagement. Who says brands can’t continue cyber hang outs once life returns to normal? With the ability to connect more personally, offer exclusive promotions, and spark direct conversation between wide audiences, we think the opportunities for brands are endless with a Zoom link.


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