How We Think

Out with the same-old-same-old. In with the news.

You know a successful challenger brand when you see one. They emerge on the scene offering something transformative by challenging the status quo, and often end up taking the industry by storm.

We are a PR and digital media agency that helps innovative challenger brands win the hearts and minds of prospective customers with audience-centric narratives that change conversations, mindsets and buying behaviors.

Measurable Impact via Our Newsroom Approach

Tier One’s newsroom approach keeps campaigns focused on the customer issues that matter, delivering high impact, opportunistic content anchored by our clients’ unique value proposition.

  • Our Trending and Tracking teams tap traditional and social channels to give us ongoing intelligence on breaking issues and trends.
  • Through the lens of those insights, our Campaign experts develop captivating messages and storylines that capture attention.
  • Through our Production process, we bring that story to life through the precise communications method(s) designed for impact and communications channel(s), leveraging the right paid, earned and owned media outlets, amplifying that content to give it a long-tail effect.

Our ImpACT measurement process enables us to test and measure program outcomes; continually adjusting to optimize performance.

  • From program outset, we work to define what’s most important to a client’s business, establish specific metrics for success, track progress and bring insights to the effort.
  • We tap new marketing technologies to deliver perceptive and actionable data about your audiences, your competitors and the issues most impacting your business.
  • Most importantly, while our measurement reports speak volumes through numbers and insights, they always complement your broader marketing goals and offer a clear picture of how PR and content programming contribute to the marketing and lead generation engine.

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