November 15, 2019

Reel It In

Please try to contain your excitement for this news: Instagram is adding its own copycat TikTok functionality, Reels. The feature provides users new creative editing tools to generate TikTok-esque short videos, which can be set to music and shared via Stories. Since Reels is integrated within Instagram, it may prove to be more successful than Facebook’s past standalone imitation apps. (Anyone remember Bonfire or Slingshot? No?) Currently, Reels is only available in Brazil, though marketers should expect it to expand to the U.S. before too long. Until then, we recommend sharpening your TikTok-creation skills on the OG app, so you’ll be an old pro if and when Reels makes its widespread debut. 

Waitin’ on a Website

Google feels the need, the need for speed. And it’s planning on calling out websites that don’t live up to its fast-paced expectations. That’s because Google is increasingly focused on ensuring Chrome users have the best browsing experience possible — which includes not having to wait for pages to load. This week, the masterminds behind Chrome shared that they’re working on a labeling/badge system to showcase sites with top-notch user experiences based on a number of criteria, of which speed is a top consideration. While load time has long been an important SEO factor, it’s still not a primary focus for some brands. But this announcement should kick everyone into high gear, because seeing a website labeled as “slow-to-load” could be an automatic nonstarter for customers.

It Pays to Use Facebook

We’re well into Scorpio season, so we’ll forgo talking about Facebook’s Libra currency project and instead focus on the Book’s latest foray into money: Facebook Pay. It’s meant to provide a secure and consistent payment experience across each app in the Facebook family (including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp). Facebook Pay stores users’ card and bank account numbers, and can be used to purchase from Pages or businesses on Marketplace, donate to fundraisers, buy event tickets, and more. As users become more comfortable making purchases on Facebook’s platforms, brands can only benefit from the increased e-commerce opportunities. We do suggest, however, waiting before your business becomes totally reliant on Facebook Pay’s capabilities — you know, just until Mercury is no longer in retrograde
Spark of the Week
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 11.54.32 AM

Let Your Anger out This Holiday Season

This may come as a shock, but Angry Birds (the mobile game turned movie franchise) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Yes, that means it has indeed been an entire decade since you first downloaded the bird-flinging slingshot game onto your iPhone 4. The franchise is celebrating with an integrated digital and IRL campaign that honors its roots — anger and shouting — by partnering with e-scooter company, Spin, to build “Rage Rider” scooters. They’re powered by none other than the sound of screaming (yes, really), providing riders a way to let out negative emotions and turn them into a force for positivity. 

Angry Birds delivered scooters to its “Squawk Squad” (a small number of influencers and media) who have been sharing videos of shout-fueled rides and other relatable #BringTheAnger content. The Rage Riders aren’t available to the public, but fans of the franchise can still take part in the campaign through a fundraiser and an event held in Times Square later this month. Although the campaign is built around anger, it’s meant to reassure audiences that a little frustration is okay and letting it out can be cathartic and beneficial. During a season when most brands focus exclusively on feelings of joy and happiness, it’s refreshing to see a brand recognize other emotions — and still put a positive spin on them. 


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