The Mission Is in the Name

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900+ million impressions
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11,982 media articles
Ad equivalency dollars icon
9+ million in ad equivalency dollars
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2.7 million blog views

The Challenge:

  • Financial services firm Ally realizes the world doesn’t need another bank, it needs a better bank
  • It wants to approach the market with a unique strategy: Communicate a relentless commitment to “do it right” for their customers, employees, and communities

Tier One’s Approach:

  • Capture consumer mindshare by adopting a decidedly non-bank voice
  • Use unconventional thinking and a disruptive approach through immersive experiences to bring Ally’s message and mission to the forefront
  • Deliver information and create results-driven content that’s informative, memorable, and constructive without any doublespeak or industry jargon
  • Build thought leadership through community engagement

The Outcome:

  • In 2018, Ally earned 11,982 media articles, which were valued at 900+ million impressions and 9+ million in ad equivalency dollars
  • Industry recognition for outstanding content in financial services (13% increase in engagement YOY)
  • Pulled in 2.7 million views on the Ally blog
  • Multiple industry marketing communications awards for strategy, creativity, and research-based programming

Additional Case Studies

Prophix | Advanced Technology Elevates the Office of Finance

Brand awareness positioned Prophix as a leader among CPM vendors. Aligning the company to macro trends and executing a smart thought leadership program significantly increased Prophix’s earned media placements.


Collibra | From Software Unknown to Unicorn

Thought leadership program that established the company as a recognized leader in data governance software. Collibra’s competitive share of voice skyrocketed, which effectively supported the company’s aggressive growth strategy.