Helping a Healthcare Pioneer Break through at CES

The Campaign: 
  • Start-up healthcare wearables pioneer MC10 planned to emerge from months of quiet to unveil two new products in one of the noisiest, most crowded environments: the 2016 CES Show in Las Vegas
  • While a recognized innovator, tiny MC10 would be competing for mindshare among major brands at this massive consumer electronics trade show
Tier One's Approach: 
  • We took a two-pronged approach: target the relevant media attending CES, as well as other key media we'd want to brief
  • Segment the media based on our two announcements: consumer and healthcare pure-play
  • Leverage our partnership with L'Oreal to help MC10 look larger than life
  • Pre-brief under NDA ahead of the show to avoid the CES crush
The Outcome: 

  • 61 pieces of CES media coverage driving 671,788,625 impressions
  • 12,192 social media engagements over MC10's key channels

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