Connecting the Supply Chain to Better Health Care

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The Challenge:

  • Since beginning our engagement in 2013 with healthcare supply chain leader GHX, the company has grown significantly — both organically and through acquisition.
  • GHX’s expanded solutions portfolio presented opportunities to tell a broader story about supply chain’s role in improving patient care while lowering costs.
  • Our challenge was to elevate the storytelling to directly connect the modern supply chain enabled by GHX technology to key healthcare trends.

“I’ve been blown away by the level of responsiveness, smarts, and scrappiness each Tier One team member brings. With the agency’s help, we’ve continued to expand our PR program and matured our approach to analytics, as well as recently growing our program to include social media.” 

—Giana Gaughan, Director, Global Corporate Communications 

Tier One’s Approach:

  • Create compelling media storylines that link GHX to trends like the shift to value-based care, supply chain resiliency, and the role of healthcare data/analytics.
  • Be opportunistic: Insert GHX’s perspective into timely media conversations such as PPE supply chain shortages sparked by COVID-19.
  • Leverage news and proprietary data to open the door to new media relationships.
  • Pursue award and speaking opportunities to spotlight our thought leaders.
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The Outcome:

  • 150-plus earned media stories each year, averaging millions of impressions in healthcare, supply chain, and business outlets.
  • Significant uptick in corporate and product award wins.
  • Breaking through with new national print and broadcast reporters.

Additional Case Studies

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