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March 13, 2020


It might be time for brands to brush up on their reddiquette. This week, Reddit introduced a Trending Takeover ad unit, a 24-hour listing that’ll appear as a prominent image on the top of the Popular feed and as a Trending topic on the Search tab. For brands, this is a major opportunity to see their content spend the day next to some of the Reddit community’s top trends, features, and searches. It’s also a new place for advertisers to connect with the platform’s 430 million active users (yes, that’s more than LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, or Snapchat) — meaning new ways to engage with the segments of your audience that may consider themselves more the subreddit type than a Facebooker. And while Redditors haven’t been big ad fans in the past, testing is already seeing double the average click-through rates on this prominent ad space.

Post Smarter, Not Harder

As a marketer, you’re always doing the most. So when you have the opportunity to cut a little corner (within reason, of course) why not take it?  Well, Facebook is here to make your life just a liiiittle bit easier as it tests the option to cross-post Stories to its adopted child, Instagram (instead of just vice-versa). With reciprocal posting, marketers can repurpose content on two social channels, allowing them to more easily share moments with multiple audiences. Fair warning: To get the most out of resharing, make sure your content aligns with your audience personas on each platform before blindly posting it twice. While it’s still in the testing phase, the official rollout of this capability will give brands the chance to expand their reach with the simple flip of a switch.

Take Your Content Further

We’ve all been in this situation: You have a piece of top-performing content that has so much more potential. You want to repurpose it into a video, podcast, or infographic, but you don’t know where to start. We understand the struggle and we’re here to help. Our new Ultimate Guide to Content Optimization will guide you through developing an all-encompassing strategy to take your content to the next level.

Crisis and Communication

Amid the current landscape surrounding COVID-19, no brand is alone in feeling unsure on how to react, what kind of communications are appropriate, and how much to get involved in the discussion. In an effort to help guide marketers, Twitter shared some advice in navigating these uncertain circumstances. First and foremost: It’s not a marketing opportunity to capitalize on. Unless your brand has insights or services to offer or necessary information to relay to your customers regarding the situation, it’s often best to step back. Connecting a marketing campaign to current events can come across as opportunistic and distasteful, risking long-term damage to your brand’s reputation. When communications are needed, be thoughtful in your tone, sensitive in language, and aim for positivity — regardless of the platform.
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@PBR on TikTok Is Not What You Think

Seeking a little social media pick-me-up? In an unexpected turn of events, sports league Professional Bull Riders (PBR) has found a home on TikTok. Amid all the lip-syncing, dance challenges, and other goofy antics on the platform, the league’s videos of bucking bulls and modern cowboys are taking off. Since September, the account @PBR has garnered more than 370K followers and 3.3 million likes. To make things even better, PBR renamed one of its bulls @PBR on TikTok (formerly known as Test Me), turning its social media antics into an unconventional cross-channel campaign (of sorts). 

PBR’s popularity on TikTok has not only grown faster than other sports leagues’ (like NASCAR), it’s found a different audience than its other social channels: Nearly 60% of PBR’s TikTok followers are female. Its strategy is unique, too, showcasing less highlight reel-type content and more behind-the-scenes clips. While the Bull Riders’ success on TikTok is a little unconventional, the league saw a chance to capitalize on the growing interest surrounding cowboy culture (much of which came from “Old Town Road,” a cultural phenomenon on the platform). It goes to show that succeeding on TikTok is possible for any kind of business — the key is tapping into a cultural trend that fits your brand — and running with the bulls. 


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