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February 14, 2020

Tech’s Baking a Cookie Alternative

On Sesame Street, cookies may be a “sometime food,” but on the internet, the third-party variety is getting cut from diets completely. And digital marketers and advertisers of all kinds are feeling the heat and wondering how they’ll navigate compliance and privacy while still tracking customers on the web. The good news? Like Google and its Privacy Sandbox Initiative, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is baking up a new, alternative solution: Project Rearc. It’s the organization’s plan to create a new privacy-focused identifier that’ll work across different browsers to track users without relying on third-party cookies. Of course, the project is still in the “sketch” phase, and details of how exactly it’ll work are still being hammered out. But for brands worried about being starved for ad-tracking tech, rest easy — healthier alternatives are in the works to satisfy your consumer data appetite.

Check Out This Story …

Did that headline really entice you to read further? Maybe. But is it boring? Absolutely. While the typical CTA phrases like “find out how,” “learn more,” and the ever-popular “check out” may strike with readers once in a while, they’re not creative — and truth be told, they’re pretty lazy. We’re the first to admit content marketers are crunched for time, but cranking out social posts at the expense of quality is not ideal. So let’s nix the obvious calls-to-action and pique readers’ interest with originality. Not sure where to begin? Try swapping phrases like “read about” with a compelling quote from your blog post or a data point from your whitepaper. Or channel your favorite TV anchor and write like you’re delivering breaking news. Your audience will still “check out” your content but without, you know, literally being told to do so.

Your Content Deserves a Curtain Call

Have you created a killer piece of content and feel it has so much more potential? Do you dream of turning your top-performing blog post into a video, podcast, or infographic? Our new Ultimate Guide to Content Optimization can teach you foolproof repackaging tests and help you develop an all-encompassing content strategy, giving your content the encore it deserves.

Monetization Is Coming to an IGTV Near You

IGTV hasn’t exactly been a breakout star. But that may be about to change after Instagram’s announcement that eligible content creators (likely accounts with 10,000+ followers and/or verified profiles) could earn money by running short ads on their videos. This newfound ad revenue from IGTV could be a huge impetus for content creators to use the platform more (especially if they’re already making big bucks on Facebook and YouTube), giving IGTV more eyeballs than ever. For brands, this is kind of a big deal, because it could open up tons of opportunities for new content, influencer partnerships, and campaigns on the platform. It’s looking like nearly two years after its launch, this may be IGTV’s big break.
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🍕That’s Amore ❤️

Finally a Valentine’s Day promotion everyone can enjoy: heart-shaped pizza, courtesy of Papa John’s. The pizza chain added the love-themed pie to its menu for a limited time, tweeting that it’s perfect for people whose dating preferences are “hot and covered with cheese” (so, pretty much everyone). Also included in PJ’s tweet? A Snapchat code that unlocks a special AR lens, which lets users send a personalized, Papa John’s filtered photo to their friends and allows them to order said Valentine’s pizza directly from the app. *Swoon*

This is Papa John’s second year partnering with Snapchat for a V-Day campaign — and for good reason. In 2019, Snapchatters could use the app’s “swipe up” feature on Papa Johns’ special lens to place an order, and the pizza brand reported that more than a quarter of users who swiped up actually did. Plus, 60% of the views on the Valentine pizza-themed lens came from unique users. Now, PJ hopes to build off of prior success and continue to surprise and delight customers with Snap’s expanding shoppable AR technology (which makes it easier than ever to make a purchase directly from Snapchat). So brands, if you find a digital marketing partner that brings you joy (and engagement), stick with ‘em for the long term. We never knew Papa John’s and Snapchat were such a match made in heaven, but this pair proves that some couples really do get better with age.


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