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June 11, 2020

(Blue) Check Marks the Spot

Some people ask, “What’s in a name?” But one of the most meaningful questions to Twitter users is, “What’s in a check mark?” The answer may come sooner than you think — thanks to confirmation from Twitter that it’s in the process of revamping its verification system. The lack of transparency around what exactly made a user qualified for a blue check led Twitter to take away the capability for public users to request verification a few years ago. Now, it’s bringing verification applications back with more straightforward processes and guidelines around eligibility. Our take? With increased access for users to apply for a check mark, it opens up new possibilities for CEOs (or anyone, really) trying to up their profile game. Because hey, a blue check = increased authority. And what better way to add some oomph to your brand’s thought leaders’ profiles? So while we wait for this feature to go live, it might be time to start working on your executives’ resumes. 😉

Content, Anyone?

We know how we consume pizza and sloppy joes (quickly and, well, sloppily), but how do we consume content? NetLine Corporation released a new study that answers that very question about B2B buyers. We recommend reading the full report because it’s full of fascinating data — like when’s the best time to post your content (Tuesday and Wednesday) and what the most requested content formats are (eBooks, white papers, and guides). The content marketing game is competitive, and eyeballs are increasingly hard to snag. And in the world of B2B marketing, any chance you have to understand your audience better, from what level they are to what device they’re using to consume your content, is critical for shaping and pivoting your strategies for maximum effectiveness. Thanks to data (and this report), marketers can dig in — and learn exactly why they shouldn’t post on Fridays.

Putting the “Social” Back in Social Media

Let’s be real here, social media managers: How many times have you scheduled an update for your brand … and never thought about it again? We’ve all been there, but it could be costing you some serious engagement. Not to worry, though, because Facebook is rolling out a new feature that highlights the exact impact your own Page’s comments have on the reach and engagement of your posts. While you don’t need to respond to every single comment your followers make, it’s essential to answer any questions and acknowledge the relevant ones (even if it’s just a “Thanks for your comment!”). These new insights will serve as an excellent reminder of the real value of social media: Engaging with your followers.  

Facebook Faces a Moment of Reckoning

As marketers, and more importantly, human beings, many of us have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Because of its reach and relatively low costs, Facebook is a critical component of marketing strategies for millions of businesses, especially small to midsize ones. But recent events surrounding the platform’s approach to handling misinformation and posts that may incite violence have left companies facing a moral dilemma. For Braze, a B2B cloud-based software company, the days of advertising with Facebook are over and done. The company will instead redirect its original Facebook budget to organizations working toward positive change.   

In a piece written to fellow marketers, Braze CMO Sara Spivey said she decided to inspire other industry leaders to consider the impact they can make with their budgets. Right now, the choices brands make are vital to consumers: A special report by Edelman found 60% of respondents will either continue to buy from or boycott brands based on their responses to current protests. Of course, for many businesses, removing Facebook advertising poses a larger risk than what Braze faced. But as audiences demand action from brands, moral moves and marketing strategies are more intertwined than ever before. Now, marketers must use a critical eye to review the platforms used every day — and Facebook sits at the top of the list.


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