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June 25, 2020

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Finally, TikTok is telling you why you see so many Mamma Mia videos on your For You feed. The answer? AI. (Also, because who doesn’t love some classic ABBA hits?) The platform revealed factors its machine learning system takes into account when serving up videos. These include user interactions (what you’ve liked, shared, watched, etc. in the past), device and account settings (like your country and language), video info (including details such as captions), and sounds and hashtags. But the best news? The follower count of who posted the video isn’t a factor — AKA, you can go viral even if you have no followers — which is significant for brands who are nervous about dipping their toes into the platform for fear of no one watching. Platforms like Facebook have made us dizzy trying to understand algorithms in the past, so TikTok’s behind-the-scenes look is a sizable win for marketers who want to make the most of the platform. We’ll take a chance on that.

Family Ties

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming Facebook ad boycott. You know, the one in which brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, The North Face, and more are taking part? You might be wondering if that includes Instagram, Facebook’s lil’ bro, too. Well, for the first time in FB’s journey of integrating the apps, it’s gone against the grain: Brands can now create IG ads without linking a Facebook account. The ‘Book claims it has nothing to do with the boycott, but the timing is fishy. Still, for brands seeking to move away from Facebook (but are still cool with Instagram), this option opens up doors, provides marketers with more choices, and gives IG autonomy that it hasn’t seen before.

What’s Your Pandemic Persona?

No, pandemic personas are not a new dating app category (though they probably should be). It’s they’re audience personas developed for marketers by AudienceIQ’s “Pandemic Personas” report. While for some, the pandemic has become old news, the majority of brands are still operating in crisis mode — and this report breaks down four core audiences’ beliefs and attitudes toward the situation. From on-guard cynics to lax dreamers, these personas can help marketers take a more in-depth look at the demographic breakdown of who believes what, how people are coping, and what people want to see and hear from brands. Marketers who download the report should take their audiences and previously developed personas into account, and cross-reference them with the pandemic personas to get the best picture of their intended marketing demo. Because like the pandemic, these personas are here to stay awhile.

Get the Scoop From Your Troop

When you hear “Girl Scouts,” what comes to mind? For us (and Thin Mint lovers everywhere), it’s community service and cookies. But now, the organization’s looking to put a more modern taste in our mouths with this sweet treat: CircleAround. It’s a media platform powered by the Girl Scouts of the USA, who hopes to reach Millennial women with wellness, work, money, and news content. This announcement marks a new era for the Girl Scouts with original articles, podcasts, blogs, and photos for troop alums and newbies alike — all baked in the traditional Girl Scouts values of service, courage, and respect. Think of it as a way to keep former scouts connected to their troop or fresh finds for those who weren’t the outdoorsy type when we were younger (hello 🙋) — marking the perfect recipe to showcase how content is critical in reaching different audiences.

And if that alone doesn’t impress you, the CircleAround platform is modernizing the business of an organization that used to rely heavily on in-person meetings (and in-person cookie sales) to drive profit. It’s a launch that mirrors how brands founded on in-person businesses can make digital shifts to stay relevant or engage their community regardless of whether in-person events are happening. And while launching a full-blown media platform in the middle of a pandemic may not be feasible for many businesses, now could be a great time to take inspiration from the Girl Scouts and start with smaller-scale content marketing, like a blog. It brings a refreshed meaning to Girl Scout’s “be prepared” motto.


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