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July 9, 2020

Take Your Content to New Heights

Content marketers know how to write their way out of anything, but now's the time to go farther by being smarter. If you're feeling inspired by the recently released Hamilton film like we are, download our Ultimate Guide to Content Optimization. We'll walk you through an all-encompassing strategy to take your content on a Hamilton-like journey of repurposing and revolutionizing.

That's One Small Step

Ask anyone who’s ever performed an A/B test: The tiniest tweaks can have significant impacts. And a small but mighty addition to LinkedIn’s analytics has the potential to be pretty darn powerful. Now, Page admins can view a list of all their Page’s followers — we’re talking full profiles, not just demographics.

The insights mean brands can better pinpoint and track the audiences they attract, which opens up new possibilities for interaction and engagement, more targeted messaging, and even account-based marketing strategies. It’s safe to say our team fully plans on taking advantage of this new capability for generating leads and building relationships with followers, and we expect we won’t be the only ones.


Does TikTok Have Time to Build Trust?

A ban on Tik Tok? You mean hours of entertainment and dancing … gone? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks there’s a chance this social media giant’s time in the U.S. is running out as the government gives TikTok a hard look due to concerns over data collection, privacy, and censorship (plus the app’s ties to China). Hundreds of brands that use the platform for advertising or partnering with influencers (not to mention nearly 50 million Americans) would have to participate in trendy dance challenges elsewhere!

International tensions keep heatin’ up, and social media apps are taking hits — and TikTok’s right in the middle of it. But since nothing’s set in stone with this developing story, marketers should keep an eye on what’s to come. TikTok hasn’t officially met the wrath of #cancelculture just yet.


It’s Audit Time for Facebook

Maybe that Facebook advertising boycott is paying off. Well, not money-wise, but actions speak louder than dollars, right? After nearly 1,000 companies joined the cause and paused ad spend, we saw a smidgen of real-life action on Facebook’s end. The company agreed to a brand safety audit from the Media Rating Council (MRC) — you know, the nonprofit that vets the reliability of audience measurement services who’s been on Facebook’s back for a while.

While it’s not 100% clear this is a direct result of the continued pressure on the company’s inaction and the timely boycott, it does come when one can speculate. Good news for brands that depend on the platform, though, you can find some reassurance in an MRC certification — and it’s safe to say that Facebook is long overdue for a reputation boost among its users and advertisers.

HBO Max Sticker

Stickers & The City

As a marketer, I began to wonder, is there a better way to integrate brands into digital conversations? The answer is “yes,” and it involves stickers. When HBO Max recently launched, it enlisted Holler, a tech company that creates original content exclusively for messaging. For the launch campaign, Holler created an HBO branded sticker pack so users could send animated stickers based on their favorite shows through apps like Venmo, iMessage, and Messenger. Holler researched popular types of messaging and activities that happen across the apps to determine how to translate conversations into the content HBO Max wanted to promote. For example, typing in “takeout” on Venmo led to a sticker for Satriale’s Pork Store from The Sopranos and “drinks” led to the animated cosmos for Sex and the City (above).

Successful marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time. Take this campaign, for example: In the first three days, The Sopranos “takeout” sticker became the fourth most popular sticker on Venmo, and more than 100,000 people shared the labels overall. Branded stickers are a great example of a fun and unique tool that marketers shouldn’t ignore because they help brands enter conversations and connect with consumers in ways they might not usually be able to (like on Venmo). So the next time you need to Venmo your friend for the cheeseburger, large fries, and cosmopolitan you ordered, make sure you include a sticker.


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