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August 6, 2020

Tweet to Subscribe

Back in the day, we used to ‘favorite’ tweets. Then we got used to ‘liking’ tweets. And that took some time to feel familiar. But now, Twitter is testing branded likes. That’s right; brands can create an interactive campaign through a unique ‘like’ button — so users can tap the heart and see an on-screen animation. After implementation, this feature is active for 24 hours on either organic or promoted tweets.

NASA launched (no pun intended) its #CountdownToMars campaign where a rocket ship emoji orbited around a planet. And the NBA chose a bouncing basketball for its #WholeNewGame tweet. But they both end in the oh-so-familiar pink heart of which we’ve grown so fond.

This new Twitter capability opens up a new marketing avenue for brands to push users to engage in their campaigns. Because users can only see the animation after liking a tweet, the most-curious will want to tap that like button.


Budget Recipes for Success

In the current climate, the advertising industry has had to adapt to thrive. From budget cuts, boycotts, and the increasing importance of Black Lives Matter in the ever-evolving social ether, it all can make even the most dynamic and culturally attuned marketers head spin. While nothing old feels true anymore (and probably shouldn’t), the new recipe for ad success is efficient, cost-effective, and straightforward. Bon appétit!

Even with ad spend expected to decline by 25 percent this year, advertisers aren’t discouraged. If you feel like some of the recent ads have a ‘homemade,’ thrown-together-at-the-last-minute, feel to them — well, you’re probably on to something.

Creators are substituting FaceTime screen-recordings and home videos in place of professionally-shot studio footage. The glitz and glam of pre-corona ads have been replaced with real and raw sentiments with a central theme around unity.

Now that we’ve seen some degree of success in the stripped-down, true-to-the time advertising campaigns (on a serious budget) — should we ever go back?


Meet the Snapchat Generation

This week Snapchat unveiled its first-ever B2B marketing campaign, highlighting what brand partners love about marketing on the app. The campaign aims to help marketers navigate Snapchat’s platform by spotlighting the impact of its community on businesses and shedding light on Gen Z’s behaviors, making it easier for marketers to market successfully to them.

There has already been some handy info released. Snapchatters are 34% more likely than non-Snapchatters to buy from brands that support their local community and think close friends are over four times more influential than celebrities or influencers on their purchasing decisions.

With almost 240 million users, marketers can’t afford to miss out on Snapchat, and this new data makes it even more appealing. Ready to share Snapcodes?


Nike Won't Stop

Nike’s latest ad has knocked it out of the park. Titled “You Can’t Stop Us,” the video is a split-screen featuring beautifully synchronized footage of athletes on one half of the screen mirroring another on the opposite side move-for-move. It seamlessly showcases the parallels between many sports and highlights how "sport unites us." The ad features many well-known sports personalities (Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Rafael Nadal, and Cristiano Ronaldo, to name a few), and Megan Rapinoe narrates. Since launching last week, the ad has been viewed 40 million times on Twitter and over 42 million times on YouTube, and the overall consensus has been extremely positive.

COVID has upended the sports industry, and lessons in diversity, inclusivity, and Black Lives Matter have touched every brand. The Nike ad references each in a way that feels authentic and timely. It’s also a lesson in being creative in a time of social distancing. All marketers are familiar with recycling content and turning it into something new. But since big productions with hundreds of crew members aren’t exactly an option right now, it is especially pertinent. And while the Nike ad is an impressive feat (over 4,000 hours of archival footage were combed through to make the 90-second spot), it’s the simplicity and messaging that makes it work so well. Because as Megan Rapinoe proudly announces in the ad, "Whatever it is, we'll find a way.”


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