December 20, 2019

Who Run the ‘Gram? Influencers

The influencer marketing bubble has yet to pop — and according to a report from Klear, an influencer marketing software company, the trend continues to grow. A lot. This year, the number of Instagram posts with #ad grew nearly 50% from 2018, reaching more than 3 million. The report also found that Story use is up by influencers, who now average 3.6 Stories per day. Which influencers are most in demand? Not the Kardashian-esque mega ones. Those with followings between 5K and 30K are the most highly sought after by brands, due to their niche content and highly-engaged audiences. So marketers, if these social starlets aren’t yet a factor in your marketing strategy, 2020 is the perfect time for your influencer marketing debut.

Get in the Group

These days marketers who still believe their brands can flourish on FB through organic traffic are about as rare as those who still believe in Santa (but we admire your optimism). The truth is, organic views on the Book are hard to come by, so brands are trying new tactics — like branded groups — to build a presence on the platform. FB now made it easier to manage large groups by adding automatic member approval, which can be based on up to four membership requirements. Whether they’re user groups for a specific product or a common interest, branded groups are a great way to build community around your business. And now group admins can spend less time sifting through potential new members and have more time to facilitate discussions, answer member questions, and build brand buzz.

All I Want for Christmas Is an iPhone 11

Who doesn’t want a new cell phone as a holiday gift? Maybe one with three cameras? And a nice long battery life … we digress. But for an estimated 34 million U.S. Snapchat users, a new phone is just what they can expect under the tree — which is great news for brands with their own apps. This week Snapchat shared an infographic that highlights the benefits of advertising on the platform (especially app download campaigns) this season, as so many of its young users spend extra time on the app during December and January. All in all, it’s a little nudge to start planning ad campaigns on Snap for the New Year, because ‘tis the season for new phones and new app downloads.
Spark of the Week
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 12.21.00 PM

Two-Hour Flight Delay? Score

From long lines to middle seats and the thought of seeing your in-laws, nothing can release your inner Grinch quite like holiday travel. Oh, and don’t forget unexpected flight delays (looking at you, Spirit Airlines). But thanks to Burger King, those airport hold-ups might not be so bad. That’s because the chain is giving out vouchers for free Impossible Whoppers to travelers who report their delayed flights in the BK app. And it only works if your flight is actually delayed (the app will confirm, so don’t try any trickery). 

While using others’ misfortune as a marketing technique may come off as self serving, Burger King’s Delay Your Way promotion takes a negative situation all consumers could face and makes something positive out of it. BK teased the campaign on Twitter by getting overly excited about a delay announcement, but we think the actual campaign is worth excitement. It bears repeating, ‘tis downloading season, and this is a clever way for Burger King to encourage app downloads and increase interactions with its audience — all while lifting the spirits of those affected by weather delays and airport dismay. 


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