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February 28, 2019
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Vimeo Killed the Radio Star

Are you itching to become a video expert but overwhelmed by the thought of editing software? Does your brand dream of upping its social video content, but lack the resources to do so? We understand the struggle to keep up with social trends. Luckily, new tools like Vimeo Create simplify the video production process and give brands the chance to bring their messaging to life. Within the platform, creators can choose a template — or start from scratch — and customize it with copy, branding, uploaded video, clips from a video library, and more. Even better? Your video can be formatted to match the dimensions of each social platform. While this tool isn’t free, it could be a perfect opportunity for brands to get creative with social and become viral video stars.

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Keeping up with the lives of your favorite influencers may start to cost you — as certain social media stars are beginning to charge for access to some of their content. Fees appear to range from $2 (to be added to an Insta Close Friends list) to $200 a month (for personalized weekly newsletters). By putting up a paywall, influencers say the added revenue stream allows them to create more content for their followers and engage with them on a more personal level. While it may seem troubling that influencers won’t need to rely as much on brand partnerships for income, companies could use this new trend to their advantage. By creating content specifically for those who pay, brands will be able to reach that influencer’s most dedicated and loyal audience, which could result in real $$$.

(YouTube) Tag, You’re It

We like to think of content as the royal family, and video is the king. That being said, it’s crucial to optimize video content, just as you would a blog post or website page, if you want views. One idea to do that? Install Tag Snag, a Chrome extension that lets you easily see which tags are used on any YouTube video. Tags allow you to leverage keywords in your descriptions to help the algorithm serve your content to the right audience. By seeing the tags used by your competitors, as well as other popular videos in your industry, you can get a better idea of which ones work and what falls flat. Of course, we don’t recommend copying other brands tag-for-tag, but a little auditing never hurts on your way to being coronated with the YouTube crown.
Spotify Is Now -- Photo from Forbes

Spotify’s Got That Thing

Making a great diversity-focused campaign isn’t easy, as we’ve seen throughout this Black History Month. So we’re giving Spotify props for its year-round devotion to telling its users, “Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud!” Your favorite audio-streaming, playlist-making platform just celebrated the second year of its Black History Is Now music hub with the introduction of the “Phenomenal Black Music” campaign. This means new curated playlists, merchandise (designed by prominent black artists like Joe Freshgoods and Jamila Okubo), and a pop-up event in New York City — all celebrating the music and achievements of African-Americans.

Spotify’s mission to share the cultural impact people of color have played in music stemmed from its “BLK Members at Spotify” employee resource group. From there, the Spotify team took the time to learn and immerse itself into its audience’s culture through conversation and collaboration. Now, the Black History Is Now initiative has become a year-round experiential campaign (not just a month-long celebration), and its deeply rooted authenticity makes it the ultimate inspiration for brands looking to build relationships and connections with diverse audiences. Before you dive into your own diversity and inclusion campaign, think about your brand ‘s audience and identify natural, simple ways you can start to authentically engage with them. Support your audience’s initiatives, learn about their culture — and then elevate it, so you can make your next inclusivity campaign 2 Legit 2 Quit.


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