Tier One’s roots are in public relations and marketing communications. We’ve been executing earned media, analyst and employee relations, thought leadership and speaking programs from day one of our founding. This deep communications expertise enables us to work smart and fast on solving your business challenges and helping you reach your goals. We’ll never settle for status quo or cookie cutter approaches. Creativity is a core value in everything we do.

Earned media relations

Securing earned media coverage in top-tier business and trade publications plays an influential role in helping brands build awareness and establish credibility with their target audiences. Our media relations team is powered by former broadcast and print journalists who work closely with brands to identify captivating storylines about their products and services. We know how to craft engaging pitches that capture the attention of reporters, then we put in the important follow-up work to drive coverage.


One of our specialties is helping clients plan high-impact launches for a new company, product, or service. We are skilled at assisting marketing teams evaluate factors like buyer needs and the competitive landscape. Then we develop and implement a carefully orchestrated marketing communications plan to achieve a company’s launch goals.

Media and presentation training

A company may have a great story to tell, but how their corporate spokesperson delivers that narrative plays the single greatest role in how it will be received in the media. Our media training team, many of whom are former journalists, help brand spokespersons deliver messages with confidence and clarity and learn how to gracefully handle unexpected and challenging questions while staying on point.

Industry analyst relations

Industry analysts define trends, market and product landscapes, along with brand leaders and laggards. As a result, they have an influential role in guiding purchasing decisions. We are skilled at helping brands formulate and implement strategic industry analyst relations programs that educate and inform the right influencers about their business.

Employee communications

Employees are key corporate stakeholders — and an organization’s most powerful brand ambassadors. We work with clients to develop efficient and effective employee communications programs that build trust and strengthen relationships with workers.

Customer success programs

Customer case studies provide proof that a brand can deliver on its promise. We are skilled at helping qualify customers as third-party references and develop engaging case studies that bring a brand’s story to life.

Speaking programs

Speaking opportunities at relevant conferences helps build awareness and thought leadership with prospects and prospective partners. We are experts at identifying conference session topics and developing speaking abstracts that capture the attention of conference-planning teams to secure spots on event agendas. We can also provide assistance with the development of conference slides and graphics, as well as speaker presentation training.

Awards programs

Just like a customer program, an awards program provides influential third-party validation for brands that helps build credibility with customers and partners. We help clients identify the most influential awards to pursue and provide writing assistance to develop award entries.

Influencer marketing

An endorsement from an industry influencer can build awareness and credibility for a brand and positively impact sales and partnerships. Our influencer marketing experts will build connections for you with opinion leaders who matter and develop creative influencer partnership campaigns that will get your brand noticed.


Boosting a great earned or owned media story can amplify its impact. That’s where paid syndication comes into play. We help identify relevant paid syndication opportunities, evaluate which best syndication partner is best for your brand, and manage and measure paid syndication relationships on your behalf.

Thought leadership

Thought leadership programs effectively build credibility and awareness for a company by sharing the perspectives and vision of its leadership team. Our media and content strategists know how to develop differentiating thought leadership platforms and creative thought leadership plans that get brands noticed.

Featured Work

Ally logo over cityscape photo of Detroit

Ally | The Mission Is in the Name

Earned media and content marketing programs that built brand awareness for Ally as a digital financial services leader. Challenged traditional banking narratives by promoting the brand’s distinctive non-bank voice to create genuine connections and engagement with customers.

Entegris logo over circuit board photo

Entegris | Humanizing Advanced Materials Science

Innovative storytelling humanized Entegris’ advanced materials science to connect the brand with a broader audience. Targeted earned media placements successfully positioned company as a microelectronics industry disruptor, highlighting the value of its technology differentiators.